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I recently purchased two Victoria Secret brand eyeshadows. One is a pale ivory called Bunny and the other a blue shadow called Wanted. The blue seemed like a lush, shimmery blue and tested on my hand looked like a deep luxe blue.

I’m reasonably happy with Bunny. It’s a matte ivory which I’ve been wanting for a while. I wanted something without a shimmer. Turns out I miss the shimmer a bit but I still like Bunny.

Wanted was very disappointing. On it looks more like a black blue.  Even worse it has no staying power. It appeared to melt off my lid after two hours. I was so dissatisfied I wanted to return it.

I went back to Victoria’s Secret within days of buying it.  Too my dismay and irritation the sales clerk said they don’t do refunds on makeup. Hmm, nothing on the receipt says that and nowhere is that posted in the store.  I can return a bra or clothing no problem but makeup purchases are final with no refunds.

I won’t be buying Victoria’s Secret cosmetics again. Not worth the risk since I can’t return unsatisfactory makeup. I’ll stick to Sephora. I recently returned an eyeliner that performed poorly with no problems or questions from the sales clerk.

Victoria’s Secret still has fantastic bras and I’ll keep shopping there I just won’t be buying anymore of their cosmetics because of the no return policy.