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Here are some swatches of lipstick mixtinis I’ve recently mixed up. I haven’t tested out my new lipstick mold yet. I’m a little nervous about using it for some reason. I’ve been sticking with my lip balm tubes and the pouring tray.

Of course the purple was my favorite but it came out with a bizarre texture. It was gloppy and melty like it hadn’t solidified. The main color came from an Icing’s brand that was really greasy and smelled funky nasty. I had to add a flavor oil and mix in other more matte lipsticks and still got this weird gloppy concoction. I decided to melt it down and add more beeswax.

Unfortunately now it’s a thick clumpy mess so I’ll try melting it down again with some more lipstick base. I love the color so much I’ll keep reformulating it until I get the right Makeuptini cocktail!

The top three colors are also good. But the two lower colors I’ll melt down to get a darker shade. I detest sheer lipstick.

Once I get other my fear of testing out my TKB mold I’ll post some lipstick mixtinis in the cool lipstick tubes that came with the Go-For-Broke Lipstick Kit.


I found the Go-For-Broke Lipstick Kit on TKB Trading’s website and had to have it! Its fantastic. You can see it below:

The kit comes with an uncolored base tub:

The kit comes with 16 lipsitck tubes:

Above are the silver and rose tubes. Very pretty.

My favorite are the red tubes. Very luxurious looking and they remind me of Elizabeth Arden lipstick  tubes.

The kit inlcudes three basic color micas: red, black, and gold.  You get to pick three colors for a lipstick base.  I chose Cupcake, Bonjour and Wild Cat. Also included is a special periwinkle blue mica used in an EnKore Makeup’s Beauty Kitchen video by Koren Zander in a special lippie for his sister.

Also included are liquid colorants, tools, melting cups and a lipstick mold (not pictured since I forgot to photograph it.)

Lipstick mold release is also included. Its the clear liquid.

There are even lids for the melting cups. Cool.  I usually use medicine cups I order on Amazon.

It came within a few days of ordering! Instructions and recipes were included. There is even a link of two different lipstick color recipe books available on the TKB Trading website.

I haven’t tried to create any makeuptini lipsticks yet but I’m looking forward to it. Its so exciting having the kit! I’m in love. I  hope the mold is easy to use.