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Now that Summer is fast approaching it seems like we get daily reminders about the dangers of skin cancer and the need for daily sunscreen.  Browsing through a local drugstore I came across Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Everyday Protection Body Lotion SPF 15.

I love Eucerin’s  Sensitive Skin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30. I do use it everyday. It works great, isn’t to gooey or greasy.  It’s a skin lotion that protects my skin and doesn’t cause my face to break out or develop skin irritation.

This is a great everyday cream when you’re on a budget. Depending on where you go and if its on sale the price is $8-$12. Of course every so often I like to splurge on fancier face creams but Eucerin is a stand-by cream that never disappoints.

When I saw the Eucerin body lotion I was eager to try it. I don’t like applying regular sunscreens. They are usually too goopy, thick, and smelly.  Everyday Body Lotion doesn’t feel thick like sunscreen and is easy to apply.

No icky sunscreen stink either. Eucerin has a soft barely noticeable lotion scent which is good for me because strong fragrances give me headaches.  I don’t want to smell like a giant stick of sun block.

I want to smell pretty. 😀  I still like to use my Vanilla Lace moisturizer and occasionally ear it under Eucerin Protection lotion. Then I know I smell good and my skin is protected from too much of the bad UVA and UVB rays.

If you’re concerned about keeping your skin soft and smooth Eucerin products are worth a try.


Have you ever had a makeup application mishap? The other day I was applying may face makeup L’Oreal Infallible Advanced Never Fail Makeup. It has a squeeze pump applicator that gets clogged easily. Otherwise I love the makeup.

It lasts all day and my face is combination oily/dry and so I can look all greasy by the end of the day with the wrong makeup. It has SPF 18 too! I like to make sure my face has enough sunscreen.  So that along with my face lotion which has an SPF 30 I should be ok against the suns rays.

Rotate True Match with Infallible

I use it almost daily; I rotate with L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup.  Doing my morning makeuptini application, I squeeze some on my makeup sponge and something goes awry.

I think it must’ve been squeezing past a clog and somehow I wasn’t pointing it directly at my sponge. Squirt, makeup shoots directly into my eye! YOW!  My eye feels icky and slightly painful mainly because of the impact of the makeup.

I pull out a hand mirror and see three blobs of flesh tone in my eye. Yuck, foundation in my eye! I’m trying to fish it out with my nail wondering if it’s going to irritate my eye. I didn’t want to have to use drops and ruin my eye shadow or wash my eye and reapply it all.  I didn’t really have time to redo my makeup.

Fortunately it didn’t cause serious irritation just felt a little strange for about 15 minutes. Like when you had stuff in your eye and got it out and then your eye feels dry and strange.

Several extra blinks later I felt normal and got on with my day.  That was one of the weirdest things to happen to my eye while applying makeup. I’ve had eye shadow in my eye and even the occasional eyeliner poke or mascara wand poke.  But never before had I mistakenly squirted face makeup into my poor eye.

Sorry eyeball. My bad.  I’ll be careful in the future.

Ok L’Oreal, great face makeup with your Infallible product, but do something about that easily clogged pump.  I’ve had issues with it squirting on my hands and clothes. The eyeball mishap was the strangest and a little scary.