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I was drawn to this color at the same time I became obsessed with MUFE #15 lipstick. I love teal colored eyeliners so this one made its way home with me. The felt pen made it easy to apply the eyeliner. I was concerned about the tip because I haven’t had much success with felt tip liners in the past. But this one worked so well I could line my lower eye lid with no problems.  As you can see in the photo the liner looks fantastic.

A huge problem arose after wearing the eyeliner for a couple of hours. My eyes are a little watery which caused the eyeliner on  near my lower eyelashes to melt off.  I saw a puddle of eyeliner! It looked like teal tears were seeping out of my eyes! What a mess. I had to wipe it away with a tissue before it bleed down my face.

The eyeliner on my upper eyelids faded after a few hours. Horrors! So pale above and melting off below! I loved the color but eyeliner that won’t stay put is worthless to me. I returned the eyeliner to Sephora and went back to my trusty LA Splash liquid eyeliners.