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Here are a few more fun sites with great tips and tricks for the makeup and nail fanatic. Check them out and enjoy:

Zoffee – A gal from Denmark whose great at doing daring color looks. I think her day job is as  MAC makeup counter sales person.

Queen of Blending MUA – More striking colors and outrageous makeup looks. Her tutorial videos are fun to watch.

Nails Magazine – They have a specific section just  about nail art. Tips and tricks. Wild stuff for people who love to do extreme nail designs.

Makeup4All Great site about all the lastest news in cosmetics. Marina is the gal behind the blog.  Be sure to download her beauty magazine too!



Today’s post isn’t about Makeup but my other passion. I have a huge sweet tooth. I love chocolate and most candies.  I did drink a chocolate martini once so maybe in my deep subconscious that helped me choose makeuptini as the name of my blog.

I was running errands one afternoon and I wanted a snack since it would be an hour before I would eat lunch. I stopped at the grocery store to buy a banana and just had to stop in the candy aisle before getting my banana.

Looking at all the candy I was checking out the sales and I saw that M&M’s Premiums were on clearance for only $1.89 when there usually about $3.99 or more.  Score, I love a bargain so I bought a box of the Triple Chocolate.  I did think of buying the Mint or Double Chocolate Almond but the Triple Chocolate sounded intriguing.

In case you’re wondering I did buy the banana and ate that for my snack. I had the chocolate later. I wanted to really enjoy it and not eat it in a rush while I finished my errands.

Boy, I was right to wait. The Triple Chocolate Premium M&Ms are scrumptious. I wasn’t sure they taste that great but I was very wrong. The package reads “Truly tempting layers of milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. A delightful chocolate gem with a colorful outside and a rich scrumptious inside. When white chocolate, milk chocolate and rich dark chocolate mingle…the fun starts here!”

Very tempting and fun in my opinion!  I ate almost the whole 6 ounce box in one evening!  The next day I went back to the grocery store to buy more! I have restrained myself with these two boxes and just barely opened one box and am saving the other box.

Oh, and they don’t have the classic M&M candy shell. These chocolates are shaped like large M&M’s but the color is directly on the chocolate so when you bite into it you hit pure yummy chocolate. Ummmm!  The chocolates are so smooth, rich, creamy and sweet. They are almost addictive.  Unlike any other M&M brand chocolate I’ve eaten.

The Triple Chocolate is definitely worth the full price even though I got them on sale.  The box is very attractive to in shades of fuchsia, purple and brown.

Grab yourself a box and enjoy while watching this cool nail art video I found on YouTube.  The woman is talented.


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