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Here are some swatches of lipstick mixtinis I’ve recently mixed up. I haven’t tested out my new lipstick mold yet. I’m a little nervous about using it for some reason. I’ve been sticking with my lip balm tubes and the pouring tray.

Of course the purple was my favorite but it came out with a bizarre texture. It was gloppy and melty like it hadn’t solidified. The main color came from an Icing’s brand that was really greasy and smelled funky nasty. I had to add a flavor oil and mix in other more matte lipsticks and still got this weird gloppy concoction. I decided to melt it down and add more beeswax.

Unfortunately now it’s a thick clumpy mess so I’ll try melting it down again with some more lipstick base. I love the color so much I’ll keep reformulating it until I get the right Makeuptini cocktail!

The top three colors are also good. But the two lower colors I’ll melt down to get a darker shade. I detest sheer lipstick.

Once I get other my fear of testing out my TKB mold I’ll post some lipstick mixtinis in the cool lipstick tubes that came with the Go-For-Broke Lipstick Kit.


I had a coupon from All You magazine for about $2 or $3 off a Rimmel lipstick at Walmart.  I’d bee curious about Rimmel London lipstick so I decided to give it a try with this coupon.

The packaging of the Moisture Renew Lipstick was attractive. A bright purple plastic tube that looked a little luxe and lots of fun. It looks better in person; the photo makes it look cheap.  I was very excited to get a new lipstick and finally try Rimmel.

I can’t remember the name of the color except it started with a “B” either Berry something or Burgundy.  I was looking for a purple/wine color.

I noticed two things when I applied it. One, a noxious smell came from the tube. I don’t think it was a bad lipstick just the natural odor.  Too me it smelled like motor oil.  So my lips had an annoying odor that drove me crazy.  Two, I noticed it was very moist which made the color a little more sheer than I would like.  I like deeply pigmented lip colors and hate sheer tints with a passion.

Well, I could’ve lived with the lighter color and moistness. It wasn’t too sheer and gave good coverage but the smell! I wore it for about an hour and then I had to rub it off and apply a different lipstick.  The fragrance of the lipstick was too petroleum, motor oil stink to me.  I’m very sensitive to fragrances. The scent was over powering and I couldn’t concentrate with it invading my nostrils.

I thought maybe I could salvage the lipstick if I melted it into a mixtini and use one of my fragrance oils. I buy scented fragrance oils for lip products online. I thought if I put enough drops the nasty smell would disappear.

I also wanted to add in a darker matte lipstick too the Rimmel mixtini so it would be darker and less moist. Unfortunately the odor of the original Rimmel lipstick was so strong the sweet candy fragrance I added did nothing to mask it. I ended up tossing the failed mixtini in the garbage.

I won’t be trying Rimmel lipstick again. I’m not sure if it’s just the Moisture Renew Lipstick that smells so noxious but I don’t want to waste my money finding out with the other lipstick products.

I swatched the colors I’ve mentioned in previous posts.  Three Sally Hansen Lacquer Shines and  an  18 hour Lip Treatment in this photo.

Swatches and glimpse of my nails.

Color swatches in order: Poppy, Orchid, 18 hr Lip Treatment (No color name listed)  and Jasmine. The lip treatment is very sheer with faint sparkles and its  really sticky.  Not crazy about it but for a dollar it was not a bad purchase. I love the Lacquer Shines. Thick glosses that can be worn alone but I generally wear a dab over my lipstick.  I’m a lipstick girl.

Today I found a new color – Lilly looks purple/eggplant –  will swatch later. Also saw a Ginger color which looked sort of frosty beige – too pale and boring so I didn’t buy it.

I did see another Orchid so I added a second one to my collection. Its my favorite so far but I do like Poppy. Unfortunately I don’t wear a lot of red lipstick so Poppy doesn’t get a lot of use but it’s a gorgeous color.

Alternate Photo of Swatches

Oh, and I bought some cool hot pink lipsticks by Aziza to melt into mixtinis since the colors are nice but too sheer for me. I’ll add some matte lipsticks and make a new better version of the colors I got today.  Hooray for discount dollar stores!

My lips with my mixtini creation

If you read Lipsticks Stirred Not Shaken Into Customized Makeuptinis, you’ve probably bee wondering what one of my of my customized lipstick melts look like. Here is one of my lipstick makeover mixtinis. I love this color. Sorry I can’t tell you which lipstick mistakes went into making this fabulous color but it turned out well.

I don’t usually keep track of what colors go into each mixtini. The resulting mixtini lipstick is usually a one of kind color and about half the time I don’t like the resulting color. The ones I don’t like end up recycled into new mixtinis.

If you like sometime I can make notes of which colors and brands go into a mixtini. Maybe if I’m feeling techie enough I’ll make a video or at least take photos.

It’s tough once the mixture comes out of the microwave. It hardens quickly so I have to pour it fast which will hinder photographs but maybe video will catch it all.

I use a Rose Plum lip liner by VIP Cosmetics with this mixtini. Unfortunately they stopped making Rose Plum at VIP and it’s my favorite lip liner. It goes with a lot of lip colors.  I only have two pencils and both are down to about one fourth the original pencil sizes.  It will be a sad day for me when they run down to unusable nubs.

The color may not look especially unique to you but with my skin tone and my specific needs regarding texture, color, etc. this turned into the kind of color I want to buy first time around. It would be nice to buy the right color and texture up front but that rarely happens for me so “Voila!” my own lipstick mixtinis to complement my makeuptini looks.

If you want to make your own mixtini lipsticks check out this previous post: Give Your Lipstick an Extreme Makeover! Let me know how your lipstick makeovers go.

I hit a makeup jackpot at the Dollar Tree recently. I went to two different stores in different nearby towns as I was driving home from a visit with my Mom. I usually check in just to see what makeup is available on my 40 minute drive home.

Not sure why but the Dollar Tree in my town has a poor selection of makeup. They don’t seem to get all the good brands like the other stores in my county. Seems to me they get all they yucky cheap stuff while the other stores get good brands.


Ten Lipsticks. Yes 10 and only a dollar each. Woo hoo! Too many colors names to type, but from several color families: red, wine, pink, neutral, soft brown.

I also got one Maybelline lipstick in Cranberry Crush. It worked great for mixing my own personal makeuptini lipsticks so I plan on using this one for my next melt down mix up session.

Lip Lacquers and 18 Hr Lip Treatment

Lacquer Shines and 18hr Lip Treatment

Sally Hansen

One 18 Hour Lip Treatment – (According to Sally Hansen) “Time-Release Moisturizing Formula Lasts up to 18 Hours! Time-release formula delivers superior moisturization hour after hour. Lips look and feel revitalized, smooth and healthy for up to 18 hours!”

Three Lacquer Shines – Two in Poppy and one in Jasmine. Same yummy scent as the Orchid I mentioned in a previous post read about it here Beauty Treasure

Two Collagen Lip Lifts – Sheer Peaceful Plum and Sheer Soothing Spice – Too sheer for me I like full creamy coverage. They’ll work great for melting lip mixtinis.

LA Colors Nail Polish

LA Colors Nail Polish

Five colors: Nuclear Energy – Bright Purple, Electrified – Glitter Pink, Phenomena – Bright Fuschia, Atomic – Teal green, Live – Silver glitter.

I’ve tried Nuclear Energy and Atomic. Both need 3 coats to be opaque. Unfortunately Atom stained my hands blue green so I had to rub really hard with polish remover to clean the color off my fingers.

Sally Hansen Lip Sheers and Cover Girl Gel Liners

Cover Girl Eyeslicks duo gel liners in neon pink and lilac. Hard to apply. I feel like I’m rubbing a crayon on my eyelids. Worry about tugging on my skin. It did work well as a base for my shadows. Helped my eye shadow stay on for hours.

I got over $100.00 worth of makeup for about $26! Awesome!  My best haul ever!

A lot of the lipstick will probably end up melted into my personal makeuptinis. I’m excited to see what I can mix up. I’ll let you know what mixtinis I create in future posts.

Post your best makeup bargains in the comments section.

I love to shop discount stores like the 99 cent store, Dollar Tree, Big Lots, Ross and Marshalls for beauty finds.  I’ve found some great deals and you can too.

Recently I was at a 99 cent store and saw a selection of Sally Hanson Lacquers Shine glosses.  I decided to try one since I already had a basket full of other beauty finds.  I selected an opalescent pink color called Orchid.  Turns out it was the best purchase I’ve made in a long time.

Initially I thought the color would be too light for me but it goes well with lots of my lipsticks.  I can use it with my bright pinks and rose colors. But that isn’t the best part.  The scent of the gloss is fantastic.

I’m not sure how to describe it but its sweet like candy with a light hint of floral. I think it has a touch of vanilla with other scents I can’t recognize. Sometimes lip glosses have strong perfumes that drive me crazy and I won’t wear them. This one has an addictive fragrance.

I love smelling it on my lips. It reminds me of candy from my childhood but I’m unsure of what kind. I wish I knew.  The scent brings on a delightful nostalgia and I want to wear it all the time now.  It’s my favorite gloss in my collection.  Thank you Sally Hansen for the journey back to past through a lip gloss.  Now I wish I had purchased one in each color. The smell is that yummy.

You can buy the gloss online but it’s not as cheap as 99 cents but it would be worth your money just for the scent. Plus, it is a good gloss.  Not too slippery, or sticky. It has a smooth texture that reminds me a little of Estee Lauder’s lip gloss. The yummy scent makes me want to reapply it frequently.

Let me know if you try it out and if you like the scent.  Here’s a photo of the beauty treasure I found on my bargain hunt:

Lipstick Makeover

I love lipstick and can’t resist buying new shades when they come out.  I’ll by any brand as long as the color looks intriguing. Unfortunately the new lipstick is often disappointing.

No doubt you’ve had the same experience I’ve had where the color isn’t what I expected. It was too light or too dark – nothing like it looked in the packaging when I fell in love with the color.

Or maybe like me you love the color of the lipstick but the texture is wrong. It’s either too waxy and makes your lips feel gritty or it’s so sheer that it slides off your lips and leaves a ring of color around you mouth like a circus clown. Or the lipstick is so matte and dry it feels like your rubbing a crayon across your lips. Ouch!

Sometimes companies stop making your favorite color so your trying to extend what’s left of your favorite color.

I’ve had these annoying experiences so often that I decided to do something about it.  I give my lipsticks extreme makeovers!

How? By melting them down and combining them.  I’ll mix and match colors and slice sections off the lipstick and melt it until I get a color and texture I like. Let’s get down to details.

What you’ll need:

– A small paring type knife or disposable plastic knife

– Liquid medicine cups (You can order them online at or if you have one left over from you cough medicine use that)

– Wax paper or aluminum foil – too protect your counter top in case you spill the melted lipstick – it’s a nightmare to clean up!

– A paper plate – I put the medicine cup on it in the microwave in case the cup melts.

– An empty lip balm tube or jar. (These can also be ordered online but if you have an empty used one clean it out and reuse it with your new color – recycle!)

– Lipsticks you want to make over

– Access to a microwave


Flavors or extracts to give your creation a new smell. You can use extracts you buy at the store or buy special flavors online from manufacturers.

Steps to giving your lipstick a makeover:

1) Cover the counter you’ll be working from with the wax paper. Believe me it’s worth the small effort. The first time you have to clean up melted lipstick you accidentally spilled you’ll be wishing you covered the counter with the wax paper.

2) Lay out all your supplies on the counter including the lipstick you’ll be doctoring.

3) Choose your first lipstick to makeover.

4) Slice the lipstick from the tube with the knife and put it into the plastic medicine cup.

5) Scoop out what’s left in the tube and put that into the medicine cup or save it for a different lipstick makeover.

6) Chose another lipstick and add some to your medicine cup. Either a darker or lighter color depending on what effect you want. Or even something creamier or less creamy to fix a texture issue.

7) When you’re done adding the extra colors slice the big chunks in the cup up so they will melt easily.  Now’s the time to add the flavoring or extract.

8) Make sure you have the empty lip balm tube or jar ready to be filled once everything is melted. The process goes quickly.

9) Now put the cup on a paper plate and put the plate into the microwave.

10) Depending on how hot your microwave gets set the cooking time at 20 second intervals until you figure out how long it takes to melt the lipstick without melting the plastic cup. (If you melt the cup just dump it all in the trash and start over.)

11) Once the lipstick is melted carefully take it out of the microwave. The cup may be hot, so be prepared so you don’t drop it when you burn your fingers and make a huge mess of melted lipstick all over everything. The melted lipstick is even hotter than the cup.  (I spilled some a few days ago and burnt my foot so bad two blisters formed. Its healing but I can’t wear flip-flops without pain.)

12) Put the cup with the melted lipstick on the counter.

13) Stir it a little with your knife to make sure all the colors blend but don’t take so long it starts to harden or you’ll have to melt it again.

14) Pour the new color in the empty tube or jar you already set out.

15) Let the new color sit for several hours. If it’s in a lip balm tube wait over night before trying to twist up the color so it doesn’t crack.

16) If there is anything left in the medicine cup after you fill up your container you can use what’s left as the base color for your next lipstick makeover. Add more lipstick to the medicine cup and start the steps over.

Soon you’ll have all new lipstick in colors you’ll like better than the original shade.  I’ve made some really awesome colors and some not so great colors this way. And the new colors you don’t like, melt them again with what’s left of your other lipstick color mistakes.

I like making my own colors so much some times I buy stuff at the local dollar stores  just to have extra lipstick to melt with the mistakes to create my own makeuptinis.

It gets really exciting when people admire your lipstick and you can tell them you made it! No one else will be wearing you shade of lipstick!

Around Halloween you can get black and really dark red lipsticks to use for blending your problem lipsticks into fabulous new shades.  Be care to use only a little bit of the black or it darkens the whole mixture too much.

Have fun making over you lipsticks.  Let me know if you make some cool colors.  In future posts I’ll swatch some of my customized lipsticks.