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I posted about my Eye Shadow Beauty Bargain Giovi USA and I’m ready to report extended results. I’ve worn the shadows at least 7 times.  The first 3 times I wasn’t sure if it was my pollen allergies or the eyeshadow but the subsequent times lead me to believe it’s the eyeshadow.

It’s an unusual reaction for me. I don’t recall ever being allergic to eyeshadow before. This Giovi eyeshadow palette makes the skin of my eyelids burn and my eyes itch.

When I remove the make up the skin on my eyelid looks puffy and irritated.  My pollen allergies mainly make my eyes dry and itchy. This subtle burning sensation is new and not worth wearing the shadow again.

I’m glad I figured it out because Giovi USA had a new eyeshadow set at CVS and I considered buying it. Now I know that my skin at least, is sensitive to it.

It’s a bummer about the allergic reaction of the eyeshadow on my eyes. I got rid of the palette. No more Makeuptinis with this shadow. Its a makeuptoss(e).  I’m off to wash the irritating eyeshadow off now. And put some hydorcoritsone cream on to soothe my eyelids.


I found a palette of eye shadows about a week ago at Ross. It was only $2.99 and it had lots of pretty colors so I thought why not?  I’m a sucker for bargains, especially on makeup. I’ve never heard of Giovi USA but I was eager to try it.

The colors are mostly shimmery frosts in warm tones.  It was the four turquoise colors that caught my eye.  I have a thing for turquoise, sky blue, and teal. Any variations of these colors always catch my eye and often end up in my makeup collection.

I used Smashbox’s Lid primer and the shadow lasts all day. It maintains the color pretty well but there is a smidgen of fading.  Worth the $2.99 I paid for it. Lots more makeuptini looks to mix up.  Hours of future fun ahead.

Now it’s on to the next hunt for more beauty bargains.  What’s your beauty bargain story? Post it in the comments section.


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