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Warning! Always keep the lid on your nail dry spray. Here’s why.  I bumped my eye glass cleaner spray and while I tried to steady it I knocked over the spray. It tumbled through the air like a gymnast but it made a bad landing. The spray nozzle hit the ground first and started shooting out drying spray.

I grabbed the can so it wouldn’t shoot across the living room. It didn’t stop spraying after I picked it up so I aimed it at the trash can. The room is started to smell like the spray so I wiggled the nozzle hoping it would stop.

Nope and I was inhaling icky spray vapors. I pulled the nozzle again and the cap popped off sending spray spewing out even faster. I started to panic imagining myself asphyxiating on the fumes so I decided to put the can outside on my porch.

I foolishly had my finger on the tube hoping it would stop spraying as I rushed to my front door. My attempt to hold the nozzle-less tube didn’t help and my finger felt sore and cold. I got the door opened and stepped partially out so the spray would go outside into the night air. Oh, did I mention it was after midnight and I was watching My Name is Earl when all the mayhem began? The temptation to see if I could hit the dumpster with the can was strong.

Before I abandoned the nearly new can of nail drying spray on the porch I tried one last time to stop the spewing spray.  I noticed the tube was bent so I pushed it upright. The spraying finally stopped. Yippee!

I returned inside my apartment and replaced the nozzle on the tube. Next I tested it to see if it would still spray and it worked. Now the can has the lid back on it as it sits on the shelf. No more mishaps I hope.

After reading about my experience what do you use to dry your nails?  Let me know if it’s less volatile than my spray can. You can see the photo of the trouble maker below:

My Midnight Trouble Maker



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