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I bought this palette months ago but it’s providing endless makeuptini looks.  See my palette below? It’s heavy in thick durable plastic compared to other eyeshadow palettes I own.  But I love it! Wish there were more blues and browns and less yellows and oranges.

Seriously how many oranges and yellows does a gal need? I need maybe four tops each but this has a row each of orange and yellow! Most I don’t even use. The blue shadows are great and I’d love more. There are only like 4 browns and they are red/orange browns when I was hoping for more chocolate browns.

Hope you like my looks. None of the colors are labeled so you can use whatever colors look similar to mine from the palette.

I love this look with Red, Yellow and Green. Sorry for the unkempt eyebrow and the stray hairs that need plucking. Funny how in the mirror things look fine but when I take a photo all the mistakes are noticeable. Then I’m wondering “How did I miss that! And that! And I thought I had blended that better!” Oh well, this self portrait stuff is helping me improve my makeup application. LOL!

It’s a stunning look and I never realized how much green eye shadow makes my eyes pop. I stick to blues and teals. This green has been a fun adventure.

I love this look. It reminds me of a rainbow. Wearing a Nars eyeliner which I’ll review in another post.

And here’s another favorite with yellow, sky blue and darker blue:

Get yourself the 120 color palette! It’s hours of makeup fun with great makeuptini looks to be created. I found mine on ebay for less than $20.00 plus shipping.


The funky skull and cross bones logo makes me think their colors are too dangerous for wimpy chicks. 😀 I love outrageous colors and whenever I see a Hot Topic store I buy lots of stuff.

Sadly there isn’t a Hot Topic in my area so I get to the store about once a year. I know there is an online store but I like to see the colors in person and ask the sale reps about the colors.

I ended up buying two color palettes for only $4.99 each. I figured the price was low enough even if the shadows didn’t turn out the best it wouldn’t be a waste of money. I love both palettes but can’t give you a name. There wasn’t one on the packaging or the actual eyeshadow case.

I’m calling this one Tangy Rainbow! It has five of my favorite colors to use for eyeshadow looks. The only color that was disappointing was the green. Even with an eye primer the color went on lightly and faded immediately. The yellow is bright, the turquoise dazzling and my favorite shade of hot pink.  Like the purple color too I just wish it was a slightly deeper pigment.

Deadly Reds that’s what I’m calling the palette of five red shades. Each one is different enough my fear of buying five shades of red disappeared.  I like to use them in my crease area.

The shadows last longer with an eye primer but still don’t have the staying power of Ben Nye shadows.

I’ll have to create swatches of the colors and post some looks I did with them. I really need a better camera. Mine is old and moody! Its hard to take any decent photos with it.

But if you want some fun, affordable colors check out Hot Topic.

I bought this with my Sephora Facebook15 discount.  I love the packaging. Elegant lux box and the sophisticated faux black rose. Very elegant. Even faux leather cover on the palette is attractive.

The kit came with a black eyeliner pencil. It’s very creamy and glides on softly, no tugging on my eyelids.  I’d rather have brown or blue eyeliner. Black looks stark on my light skin.

I’ve worn the colors twice and I’m not feeling it. I look better with browns that have a rose undertone. No rose in these browns. The crease color specifically is just too dark.

Maybe it’s because I have brown eyes and brown hair and pale skin  but the colors don’t enhance my looks.  I look washed out and tired.  My quest for the right brown tone color palette continues. *sigh*

I’ve seen eyeshadow sets in stores and read an article in Allure about sets of colors for specific eye color.

Well, I’m not buying into this idea. Anybody else wondering if it’s just some marketing gimmick directed at women who don’t know how to choose eyeshadow colors or are afraid to experiment with color?

First I think hair color and skin tone also come into play not just eye color. Second, I have brown eyes and the recommended colors are varying shades of silver and gray which look like crap on me.

I have dark hair and light skin and silver shadows make me look sickly not sultry like the article I read claimed.  I like the colors in the eye shadow pans in the photo but on me they look awful.

And I’ve seen eyeshadow sets with dark purples that make me look like I have a black eye. I like soft light purples and fuchsias but eggplant colors make me look like a losing boxer.

Why give myself a black eye with bad eyeshadow colors?

Plus you get conflicting advice. I’ve read in various magazines that using the same color eyeshadow as your eyes is not a good idea.  Yet the sets I’ve seen in stores for blue eyes are blue shadows and green shadows for green eyes. What gives?

One thing I did agree with in the article was that teal colors look good with brown eyes. I use lots of teal colors but haven’t seen them in eyeshadow sets for brown eyes.

Personally, I’m not afraid to experiment with a rainbow of colors and I won’t let a cosmetic company decide which colors I should mix together because of the color of my eyes.  I consider the whole package: skin tone, hair color and eye color to create a flattering look. That’s what mixing your own makeup cocktail is all about – finding what works for you.

I posted about my Eye Shadow Beauty Bargain Giovi USA and I’m ready to report extended results. I’ve worn the shadows at least 7 times.  The first 3 times I wasn’t sure if it was my pollen allergies or the eyeshadow but the subsequent times lead me to believe it’s the eyeshadow.

It’s an unusual reaction for me. I don’t recall ever being allergic to eyeshadow before. This Giovi eyeshadow palette makes the skin of my eyelids burn and my eyes itch.

When I remove the make up the skin on my eyelid looks puffy and irritated.  My pollen allergies mainly make my eyes dry and itchy. This subtle burning sensation is new and not worth wearing the shadow again.

I’m glad I figured it out because Giovi USA had a new eyeshadow set at CVS and I considered buying it. Now I know that my skin at least, is sensitive to it.

It’s a bummer about the allergic reaction of the eyeshadow on my eyes. I got rid of the palette. No more Makeuptinis with this shadow. Its a makeuptoss(e).  I’m off to wash the irritating eyeshadow off now. And put some hydorcoritsone cream on to soothe my eyelids.

I found a palette of eye shadows about a week ago at Ross. It was only $2.99 and it had lots of pretty colors so I thought why not?  I’m a sucker for bargains, especially on makeup. I’ve never heard of Giovi USA but I was eager to try it.

The colors are mostly shimmery frosts in warm tones.  It was the four turquoise colors that caught my eye.  I have a thing for turquoise, sky blue, and teal. Any variations of these colors always catch my eye and often end up in my makeup collection.

I used Smashbox’s Lid primer and the shadow lasts all day. It maintains the color pretty well but there is a smidgen of fading.  Worth the $2.99 I paid for it. Lots more makeuptini looks to mix up.  Hours of future fun ahead.

Now it’s on to the next hunt for more beauty bargains.  What’s your beauty bargain story? Post it in the comments section.