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The container was  black plastic that was solid and expensive looking. Instead of the liners being in pans there were individual containers inside with lids. Very deluxe looking and it would keep the liners from drying out. I was impressed by the packaging.

It came with a small angled liner brush that worked great. The eyeliners went on soft and smooth on my skin. No clumping or tugging.

I found the Blue State color dull – it being a bluish gray color. It looked like dark blue in the pot but came on soft and faded looking. The Midnight Brown was a bold dark brown that I liked.  The Bronze cream was also too muted for me. I like deep vivid colors. The black was a dark solid black.

Unfortunately cream eyeliners don’t work well on my skin. I was hoping Smashbox’s liners would hold better but no luck. It was the same as any other cream liner I have tried.

My skin is oily so the liner eventually smears, smudges and makes its way down my eyes into my under eye area. Yuck! I looked like a sad clown by the end of day.

I won’t be using the eyeliners again. I’ll stick to liquid eyeliners and pencils for now. Maybe someday I’ll find a cream liner that my skin won’t destroy. 😀