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Waaa! Not sure what’s going on but I keep getting cracks in my nails close to the skin which leaves me with a sad stump when I trim them down.

I’ve been taking calcium supplements so hopefully they’ll help my nails as well as my bones.  Don’t know what could be causing them to break so often but I have bumped a couple. Stress fractures I guess.

Why is it I don’t see the crack until after I put on new polish then I have to take it off and trim or glue the nail before it tears off?


Sad news today for nail lovers. I broke the nail off my right middle finger.  I hit the car door wrong when I was closing it and it whacked my finger. The nail felt weird and when I looked at it I saw it had cracked. The kind of crack where the nail almost peeled off the finger but its hanging by a corner. Ouch! I decided to peel it all the way off so it wouldn’t snag on something and rip off.

The break happened all the way to the edge of my nail bed. I have a tiny portion of skin showing so it’s all sensitive. My finger even hurts a tiny bit as I type. It feels exposed.  WAAA!!!

Now I have one too short nail in the middle of all my other nails. Not that they look that great since lately I’ve been getting wretched cracks in my nails. And I’ve been trying to glue them until the cracked part grows out enough so I can clip it and file it out so I nails can grow out evenly.

It’s just so sad seeing my nubby looking middle finger among the fingers with nail growth. I was staring miserably down at it while waiting for the GOOGLE Make SLO Fast application to be submitted at City Hall.

Our city is trying to lure Google Fiber into our area for their high speed broadband internet testing.  The event went well and I even ended up in a distant shot on the TV news clip.

Viewing the damage after removing my electric blue nail polish made my finger throb all over again with remembered pain.  Filing my broken nail smooth was just sad.  I know the nail will eventually grow out but it will be an eye sore until it grows out.

What are your broken nail sob stories? Share them so we can feel blue together.


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