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I bought this palette months ago but it’s providing endless makeuptini looks.  See my palette below? It’s heavy in thick durable plastic compared to other eyeshadow palettes I own.  But I love it! Wish there were more blues and browns and less yellows and oranges.

Seriously how many oranges and yellows does a gal need? I need maybe four tops each but this has a row each of orange and yellow! Most I don’t even use. The blue shadows are great and I’d love more. There are only like 4 browns and they are red/orange browns when I was hoping for more chocolate browns.

Hope you like my looks. None of the colors are labeled so you can use whatever colors look similar to mine from the palette.

I love this look with Red, Yellow and Green. Sorry for the unkempt eyebrow and the stray hairs that need plucking. Funny how in the mirror things look fine but when I take a photo all the mistakes are noticeable. Then I’m wondering “How did I miss that! And that! And I thought I had blended that better!” Oh well, this self portrait stuff is helping me improve my makeup application. LOL!

It’s a stunning look and I never realized how much green eye shadow makes my eyes pop. I stick to blues and teals. This green has been a fun adventure.

I love this look. It reminds me of a rainbow. Wearing a Nars eyeliner which I’ll review in another post.

And here’s another favorite with yellow, sky blue and darker blue:

Get yourself the 120 color palette! It’s hours of makeup fun with great makeuptini looks to be created. I found mine on ebay for less than $20.00 plus shipping.