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I’m a makeup lover and germaphobe.  Part of being beautiful is staying healthy. One way to keep healthy is to keep your hands clean of germs. Check out this cute video done by a local hospital in my town.


Now that Summer is fast approaching it seems like we get daily reminders about the dangers of skin cancer and the need for daily sunscreen.  Browsing through a local drugstore I came across Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Everyday Protection Body Lotion SPF 15.

I love Eucerin’s  Sensitive Skin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30. I do use it everyday. It works great, isn’t to gooey or greasy.  It’s a skin lotion that protects my skin and doesn’t cause my face to break out or develop skin irritation.

This is a great everyday cream when you’re on a budget. Depending on where you go and if its on sale the price is $8-$12. Of course every so often I like to splurge on fancier face creams but Eucerin is a stand-by cream that never disappoints.

When I saw the Eucerin body lotion I was eager to try it. I don’t like applying regular sunscreens. They are usually too goopy, thick, and smelly.  Everyday Body Lotion doesn’t feel thick like sunscreen and is easy to apply.

No icky sunscreen stink either. Eucerin has a soft barely noticeable lotion scent which is good for me because strong fragrances give me headaches.  I don’t want to smell like a giant stick of sun block.

I want to smell pretty. 😀  I still like to use my Vanilla Lace moisturizer and occasionally ear it under Eucerin Protection lotion. Then I know I smell good and my skin is protected from too much of the bad UVA and UVB rays.

If you’re concerned about keeping your skin soft and smooth Eucerin products are worth a try.

Waaa! Not sure what’s going on but I keep getting cracks in my nails close to the skin which leaves me with a sad stump when I trim them down.

I’ve been taking calcium supplements so hopefully they’ll help my nails as well as my bones.  Don’t know what could be causing them to break so often but I have bumped a couple. Stress fractures I guess.

Why is it I don’t see the crack until after I put on new polish then I have to take it off and trim or glue the nail before it tears off?

I was surprised to read in Allure magazines April issue that Evening Primrose Oil is one of five supplements that improve your skin.

According to the article it has Omega 6 fatty acids and helps your skin make ceramides to hold onto water more effectively. Sounds like a good added benefit since I take if primarily for PMS.  Didn’t know I was helping my skin too.

I started taking Evening Primrose Oil f at the recommendation of the nurse at my doctor’s office. It works great for my PMS symptoms.  When I read the Allure article on the additional benefits I was glad to find a beauty benefit to the supplement.

Be sure to check with your physician before taking this or any other supplements.

I really wanted the Benefit To Go Beauty Bestsellers that was on special for $10.00.  I kept debating on whether to order it or not and then I found Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer travel size also on sale so I was hooked.  I couldn’t resist.

Add to that I got my Beauty Insider gift and the Skin Care Challenge Sample bag. And of course the usual 3 free samples. I like the custom Sephora baggie with black stripes that holds the samples.

I’m still trying out the Benefit items so I’ll do a review post later. And with 12+ skin care samples I do more posts on those once I use them all.

I did try the Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion sample.  It left my skin smooth and soft but not as soft at Bliss’ Youth As We Know It. Overall I did enjoy it but at $33.00 for 1.7 oz  I won’t be adding it to my daily skin care routine.

I love mint scented products. They are so refreshing and uplifting. Mint makes me feel like good things are on the horizon.

C.O. Bigelow Mentha line of products has real peppermint oil and will keep you invigorated.

Mentha Vitamin Bodywash will really wake you up during your morning shower.  I like to use it if I’m feeling sluggish and need to get motivated.  The minty scent energizes me.

I’ve also tried the Mentha Shampoo and Conditioner. Outside of the invigorating scent I wasn’t impressed. It does make your scalp tingle but stings if it gets in your eyes. Minty eyeballs are not my thing. LOL. Both are mediocre cleansing and conditioning products for the price. I wouldn’t buy them again unless there was a special sale price like two for one.

Mentha Lip Care Products:

SPF 15 Mentha Lip Balm (No Shine Formula) is an absolute must have. I wear this to bed at night and underneath my lipstick when I put my makeup on for the day. It’s not sticky or waxy and has a subtle fresh mint scent. I have 3 tubes in my apartment. I even used an old tube in a lipstick mixtini.

Mentha Lip Shines – I mostly wear these at night after I’ve washed my face and am just relaxing at home.  But I really like them

Mentha Spearmint – softer sweeter mint that I really like

Ultra Mentha – Strong mint that’s invigoration

Cinnamint – Not my favorite but different. Cinnamon isn’t big on my list of flavors.

Mentha Lip Buffer Gentle Formula – keep your lips baby smooth. Buffs off the rough skin which reminds me I need to buff my lips soon.

When I was a little girl I loved getting those small white peppermint candies with the red stripes.  Finding those in Mom’s handbag was a treat when I had no candy. It was like finding treasure!  And Grandma had a mint plant and we’d brew mint tea with the leaves. Mint has always been a great scent and flavor for me and the Mentha line evokes great memories.  Enjoy.

I have combination skin. A really weird combination where it’s oily in my T-zone and yet I can have a dry patch of peeling skin even on top of a zit. It’s so bizarre.  By the end of the day my face makeup has an all over shine of oil on it.

I hate that but it does help keep the wrinkles at bay. Both my grandmothers have reasonably good skin with minimal wrinkles for being in their 70’s. Some day I’ll be an elderly broad with few wrinkles on my face. Cool. 🙂

But for now the oily face with dry patches is irritating.  I use 18 hour face makeup and 16 hour powder which help but sometimes I look like a cakey oily face at days end. I usually reapply my makeup in the evening if I’m going out again after a busy day. The evenings when I’m home I just wash it all off apply moisturizer and let my skin breathe.  The dry patches get hydrocortisone cream on them at night before bed time.

One product I’ve found that works wonders for my oil slick /cakey makeup face is Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I saw it at Sephora a few years ago and always wondered if it worked but the price stopped me from trying it. It’s about $30 for a full size. Too much money in case I didn’t like it. Well at some point I earned a Sephora treat and they gave me a mini size sample of Photo Finish.

Wow! Does it work! I put it on after my moisturizer and then my face makeup. It keeps my face smooth with a “Finished” look that I’ve never been able to accomplish on my own with any other product. And at the end of the day my face has a glow instead of the oily layer look.

Unfortunately, I’m often in a hurry, running late so I forget to put Photo Finish on my face. But when I remember, Woo Hoo, look out! I’m ready for unexpected photo ops and feel great looking all day. (Not that my lifestyle often has any photo ops in it. Unless its family events. LOL.)  Smashbox’s Photo Finish adds a chic look-like-a-model feel to my makeup look  that I’m ready for a camera just in case one appears.

But that’s not all. Photo Finish makes my skin feel extra soft and smooth. When I accidentally brush my cheek I pause and stroke it again it feels so silky I’m amazed. No feeling rough spots or pimple bumps just smooth and even. I fall back in love with my skin when I’m wearing Photo Finish.

Today,  I even used it around my mouth to prevent my lipstick from feathering. It seemed to work. I’ll blog about it later after I test some other lipsticks and stronger colors like red.

If you want to test out Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer, you can buy the travel size below at a more reasonable price. I use the original that is clear but there are several versions to help with complexion needs.   Here’s what the travel size looks like:

Travel Size


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