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I found a mouth watering turquoise nail polish in the clearance bin at Sally’s Beauty a few weeks ago. It was China Glaze’s Towel Boy Toy polish for only $1.99 so I had to make it mine.   I also found Savvy’s Prince a La Charm a sheer turquoise with glitter for only $1.99. Score on the discounts!

I loved Towel Boy Toy but it came out semi-matte with just a hint of shine. I don’t like mattes so I wear it with a shiny top coat.  When I tried Prince a La Charm I found it to be too sheer so I decided to layer it over Towel Boy Toy.

Voila! Now I have the color I want! I have a passion for various shades of blue, specifically turquoise and teal shades.

How does it look to you? I think its happy, fun and a delight!


Here are a few more fun sites with great tips and tricks for the makeup and nail fanatic. Check them out and enjoy:

Zoffee – A gal from Denmark whose great at doing daring color looks. I think her day job is as  MAC makeup counter sales person.

Queen of Blending MUA – More striking colors and outrageous makeup looks. Her tutorial videos are fun to watch.

Nails Magazine – They have a specific section just  about nail art. Tips and tricks. Wild stuff for people who love to do extreme nail designs.

Makeup4All Great site about all the lastest news in cosmetics. Marina is the gal behind the blog.  Be sure to download her beauty magazine too!

Variations on blue, turquoise and teal nail polish get my attention. I got new polishes when I was in Bakersfield. Some are from Icings and some from Hot Topic.

The Hot Topic polishes my favorites! The purple one is especially awesome. It’s a dark purple with this pinkish purple speckles in it that gleam in the light. The color reminds me of Prince’s Purple Rain video where he wore the sparkly purple jacket.

One of the Icing polishes is a matte which I didn’t notice or I wouldn’t have bought it. I don’t like mattes. I prefer a finish so glossy it looks like the polish is still wet. But it was such an awesome looking teal I didn’t notice the word “matte” on the bottle.  Its called Chase Me. I did and now I have a matte teal that needs gloss!

Ironically the Hot Topic blues are also mattes.  They were not labeled. Here is a photo of the sky blue matte Hot Topic polish. No name on the bottle but I’m calling it Baby Blue Me. Love it even if it is a matte. Want to try it with a clear gloss but I’m leaning toward doing a French manicure with the darker Hot Topic blue.

If you want to try all natural nail polish check out  Piggy Paint.  Melanie Hurley developed the line so her kids could wear safe nail polish.

I haven’t tried the product yet but I’d like too.  And the colors are fun since they are for young girls. Bright colors with cute names. There’s even a Glow in the Dark nail polish!

I thought this polish might be good for anyone with chemical sensitivities. My sister is very sensitive to chemicals and can’t wear nail polish or use nail polish remover.  Maybe she can use this without any problems. Oh and there is a non-toxic nail polish remover too!

Check it out the non-toxic nail polish here: Piggy Paint.

Let me know how it works for you if you try the polish.

I’m not feeling this new nail color trend toward “griege” those grayish – beige colors. Why would anyone want to paint their nails the color of wet cement? The colors are dull and bland.  I want to yawn when I see photos of or people wearing “griege” nail polish.

“Griege” does not flatter my skin tone. I don’t like gray polish or beige polish because they wash me out and make it look like I’ve got some disease and my fingers are dying. Mixing the two colors adds to the yuck that’s gross factor. “Griege” is definitely not on my wish list of polish colors to buy.

And “griege” reminds me too much of the frumpy blazers my 76 year old grandmother wears. Sorry but I don’t want to look like an elderly grandma.

Enjoy your “griege” phase while it lasts but I’m opting out. I’ll stick to vivid bright polish colors like hot pink, sky blue, metallic blue, lime green and sparkly reds.  I have no plans to walk around with cement colored nails.

Troublesome Teal Duo

I was trying to do a quick polish of my nails. I used two different shades of teal on alternating nails. Turns out on is more green and the other more blue.  And I like the teal blue better. I did one coat and sprayed with nail dryer and waited for my nails to try so I could do a second coat. As usual I got impatient and decided to get up and do something.

Unfortunately I hadn’t screwed the cap on the nail polish tightly because when I accidentally bumped the polish it went somersaulting in the air and landed brush and bottle in separate locations. Horrors, I had teal blue polish splattered on the CARPET like an alien blood stain. In a noticeable location where guest are sure to see it when they’re in my living room.  ARGH!

After picking up the nail polish – of course it was my favorite Savvy teal blue that spilled – I rushed to the bathroom for cotton swabs and nail polish remover.  Rapidly dabbing the spilled polish with remover soaked swabs I tried to remove the stain.

It wasn’t helping and as I bent over the stains with an open bottle of nail polish remover liquid started spilling onto the carpet. I was so glad it was non-acetone remover in case the carpet was damaged along with being stained. I get clumsy when I panic hence the spilled nail polish remover.

Well the stain wasn’t coming up so I used carpet cleaner on it. No luck with that either. So I gave up.

Savvy stains...Bummer!

But that wasn’t an end to my nail polish spillage nightmare. I’d forgotten about the other nail polish bottle with its loose cap.  I ended up bumping that too and now have an ugly streak of Basic teal green polish on the carpet. WAAAA! I bought Basic in Berlin last summer.

Basic stain 😦

Ok so if you have experience removing polish from carpet please leave a comment and help me out.

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