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I was in love with and used to using the pink bottle of Hydra TLC Sunsilk  24/7 crème. But then I couldn’t find it in the stores anywhere so I sadly started trying other products with minimal success taming my wild curls.

It took me a while but I finally decided to do an internet search to find out what happened to my favorite hair crème. I kept assuming it was a production issue and soon it would be back in the stores. What I found was that Sunsilk reformulated their products, made the product line smaller and added a famous name to the product.

Hmm, I was worried what would happen when I tried the new version. Finally the stores had it in stock and I even had a two for one coupon! I bought the new Hydra TLC and the Captivating Curls crèmes.

Since I hadn’t tried it before I wanted to test out the Captivating Curls Sunsilk. I loved it! It kept my curls tames and with a playful bouncy spring in the curls.

I don’t love the new bottle. I think the purple/gray color is antiseptic and sterile. The triangular shape is terrible for getting the last bit of product out of the tube leaving wasted product at the bottom. I liked the old squeeze tube better. I could get the last drop of product out and didn’t have to hassle with the pump squirting out either too little or too much product.

Strangely the new formulation of the Hydra TLC is lacking. It didn’t work the same as the old pink bottle version. My damp hair dried fly away and frizzy looking like a giant cotton ball! Horrors! I’m stuck with a whole bottle of the stuff and it doesn’t work like the beloved old formulation.  I’ll stick to the Captivating Curls and avoid the TLC version for now. Sunsilk please, please fix the Hydra TLC – bring back the old formulation!


Fun look at back at 1930’s designers ideas of fashion in 2000.  Pretty interesting about guy’s clothes. Love the commentators “Oh Swish!” Listen for it. 😀

I love Sexy Hair products. I’ve tried a couple of their shampoos and a conditioner. My shower is currently full of these products.

Silky Sexy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner (not shown)

My favorite of the Sexy Hair product line.  The shampoo leaves my hair soft and the smell is yummy. The conditioner adds to the softness of my hair making it easier to style. The scent reminds me of the pineapple/banana baby juice I used to beg my Mom for when my sister was a baby and I was too old for baby foods.

Healthy Sexy Hair Pumpkin Detoxifying Shampoo

Smells like Pumpkin pie and keeps my hair healthy and clean. Good for daily use. I got the 33.8 oz size at Marshalls for $9.99!  I love a great bargain.

Straight Sexy Hair

My least favorite scent but it keeps my hair soft and helps straighten out the frizz. I have naturally curly hair that tends toward frizz. I think I dislike the scent because it is perfumey and not at all food oriented like the other two shampoos. 😀

Which Sexy Hair products have you tried? Leave a comment