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Troublesome Teal Duo

I was trying to do a quick polish of my nails. I used two different shades of teal on alternating nails. Turns out on is more green and the other more blue.  And I like the teal blue better. I did one coat and sprayed with nail dryer and waited for my nails to try so I could do a second coat. As usual I got impatient and decided to get up and do something.

Unfortunately I hadn’t screwed the cap on the nail polish tightly because when I accidentally bumped the polish it went somersaulting in the air and landed brush and bottle in separate locations. Horrors, I had teal blue polish splattered on the CARPET like an alien blood stain. In a noticeable location where guest are sure to see it when they’re in my living room.  ARGH!

After picking up the nail polish – of course it was my favorite Savvy teal blue that spilled – I rushed to the bathroom for cotton swabs and nail polish remover.  Rapidly dabbing the spilled polish with remover soaked swabs I tried to remove the stain.

It wasn’t helping and as I bent over the stains with an open bottle of nail polish remover liquid started spilling onto the carpet. I was so glad it was non-acetone remover in case the carpet was damaged along with being stained. I get clumsy when I panic hence the spilled nail polish remover.

Well the stain wasn’t coming up so I used carpet cleaner on it. No luck with that either. So I gave up.

Savvy stains...Bummer!

But that wasn’t an end to my nail polish spillage nightmare. I’d forgotten about the other nail polish bottle with its loose cap.  I ended up bumping that too and now have an ugly streak of Basic teal green polish on the carpet. WAAAA! I bought Basic in Berlin last summer.

Basic stain 😦

Ok so if you have experience removing polish from carpet please leave a comment and help me out.


I was returning a purchase at Ross when I found this lovely handbag. Something about the color just called my name. The bag is a little big for me but it kept saying “Buy me, buy, and take me home”.

I was smitten and immediately went to the cashier and paid for it. I was so excited I changed purses as soon as I got home. And it was only $12.99. I love Ross prices.

I think the black handles give it a posh touch. I love the rounded square pattern. The whole bag is stylishly upscale. I usually go for quirky so this makes a nice change. I feel like I should dress up when I use it.

The front has a nice small pocket and there are two small pockets inside just big enough to hold my hand sanitizer and cell phone. Plus the typical zip pocket on the inside where I usually stash mints, candy, wipes or soap leaves.  Oh and the interior is black fabric which should hide makeup stains nicely. *smile*

Do you have trouble finding just the right handbag? I do. Currently I have several purses in my closet that I started out in love with but ended up detesting after day to day usage.

Why is it that a purse ends up too small or too big or the opening is too narrow and you can’t dig through it easily? I keep thinking that I’d love to design my ideal purse that is made for a busy woman on the go. Some purses seem like no thought to woman’s daily life was put into the design. Beautiful but not functional.

I hate purses with metal zippers. Especially bags with zippers on the outside – where they can snag my clothes, hose or nails. Once my nail caught on the metal zipper and tore the nail so bad I had to clip it off. Grrr! So no more metal zippers.

For now this new Nine and Co by Nine West bag is perfect. Until the next bag I see that calls my name. Something about the color of this bag just makes me happy. Maybe because it’s my favorite lipstick color and the color of yummy sherbet popsicles in my fridge.


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