About Makeuptini

Hi I’m Elizabeth.  Also known as the Curly Haired Girl due to my wildly curly brown hair.  😀  I’ve been in love with makeup since I was a little girl flipping through my Mom’s Avon catalog and swiping her lipstick samples.

I’m in search of the ultimate fuchsia lipstick, teal eyeshadow and  funky nail polish colors.  I’m not a makeup snob. The real issue for me is color. I love vivid jewel tones and some neon shades.  Whatever tickles my fancy.

I will try all brands from cheap to pricey based on what my budget will bear.  Of course I tend to gravitate toward pricey but I make do with whats affordable.

I have such trouble finding just the right shade of lipstick that I have melted down colors and created my own frankenlippies.

Stick around and hear about my makeup experimentation successes and failures.


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