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I recently purchased two Victoria Secret brand eyeshadows. One is a pale ivory called Bunny and the other a blue shadow called Wanted. The blue seemed like a lush, shimmery blue and tested on my hand looked like a deep luxe blue.

I’m reasonably happy with Bunny. It’s a matte ivory which I’ve been wanting for a while. I wanted something without a shimmer. Turns out I miss the shimmer a bit but I still like Bunny.

Wanted was very disappointing. On it looks more like a black blue.  Even worse it has no staying power. It appeared to melt off my lid after two hours. I was so dissatisfied I wanted to return it.

I went back to Victoria’s Secret within days of buying it.  Too my dismay and irritation the sales clerk said they don’t do refunds on makeup. Hmm, nothing on the receipt says that and nowhere is that posted in the store.  I can return a bra or clothing no problem but makeup purchases are final with no refunds.

I won’t be buying Victoria’s Secret cosmetics again. Not worth the risk since I can’t return unsatisfactory makeup. I’ll stick to Sephora. I recently returned an eyeliner that performed poorly with no problems or questions from the sales clerk.

Victoria’s Secret still has fantastic bras and I’ll keep shopping there I just won’t be buying anymore of their cosmetics because of the no return policy.


Here are some swatches of lipstick mixtinis I’ve recently mixed up. I haven’t tested out my new lipstick mold yet. I’m a little nervous about using it for some reason. I’ve been sticking with my lip balm tubes and the pouring tray.

Of course the purple was my favorite but it came out with a bizarre texture. It was gloppy and melty like it hadn’t solidified. The main color came from an Icing’s brand that was really greasy and smelled funky nasty. I had to add a flavor oil and mix in other more matte lipsticks and still got this weird gloppy concoction. I decided to melt it down and add more beeswax.

Unfortunately now it’s a thick clumpy mess so I’ll try melting it down again with some more lipstick base. I love the color so much I’ll keep reformulating it until I get the right Makeuptini cocktail!

The top three colors are also good. But the two lower colors I’ll melt down to get a darker shade. I detest sheer lipstick.

Once I get other my fear of testing out my TKB mold I’ll post some lipstick mixtinis in the cool lipstick tubes that came with the Go-For-Broke Lipstick Kit.

I love the Autumn ad I saw in my September copy of Elle magazine:

I love the dark lips.  I really want to try it!

The commercial is retro fun! Take a look:

I found a mouth watering turquoise nail polish in the clearance bin at Sally’s Beauty a few weeks ago. It was China Glaze’s Towel Boy Toy polish for only $1.99 so I had to make it mine.   I also found Savvy’s Prince a La Charm a sheer turquoise with glitter for only $1.99. Score on the discounts!

I loved Towel Boy Toy but it came out semi-matte with just a hint of shine. I don’t like mattes so I wear it with a shiny top coat.  When I tried Prince a La Charm I found it to be too sheer so I decided to layer it over Towel Boy Toy.

Voila! Now I have the color I want! I have a passion for various shades of blue, specifically turquoise and teal shades.

How does it look to you? I think its happy, fun and a delight!

I was browsing through Sephora when I saw this awesome looking purple lipstick that reminded me of the 80’s.

It’s Rouge Artist Intense 15 by Make Up Forever. A vivid shimmery purple lipstick that screamed. “Buy me, love me, take me home!” Resistance was futile so I bought it immediately and took it home.

Once I tried it on I was a little disappointed. It’s not nearly as dark as it appeared in the store and on the back of my hand. It goes on very sheer and has a rough, lumpy texture. But I still liked the color.  You can see the photo below for its sheerness.

I tried it afterward lining my whole lips with Hot Topic’s Purple lip liner. I didn’t take a picture of that.  It still wasn’t exactly what I wanted so I added a purple lipstick mixtini I made to it and it finally popped and looked like the color I thought I had purchased. I’ll have to take a photo of me wearing the combination of the two colors.

Below is my Makeuptini mixtini – my lipstick melt mixture with added pigment to get the purple shade I wanted.

Which color is better?  MUFE or mine mixtini? I like to combine them but can wear my mixtini alone.

I found the Go-For-Broke Lipstick Kit on TKB Trading’s website and had to have it! Its fantastic. You can see it below:

The kit comes with an uncolored base tub:

The kit comes with 16 lipsitck tubes:

Above are the silver and rose tubes. Very pretty.

My favorite are the red tubes. Very luxurious looking and they remind me of Elizabeth Arden lipstick  tubes.

The kit inlcudes three basic color micas: red, black, and gold.  You get to pick three colors for a lipstick base.  I chose Cupcake, Bonjour and Wild Cat. Also included is a special periwinkle blue mica used in an EnKore Makeup’s Beauty Kitchen video by Koren Zander in a special lippie for his sister.

Also included are liquid colorants, tools, melting cups and a lipstick mold (not pictured since I forgot to photograph it.)

Lipstick mold release is also included. Its the clear liquid.

There are even lids for the melting cups. Cool.  I usually use medicine cups I order on Amazon.

It came within a few days of ordering! Instructions and recipes were included. There is even a link of two different lipstick color recipe books available on the TKB Trading website.

I haven’t tried to create any makeuptini lipsticks yet but I’m looking forward to it. Its so exciting having the kit! I’m in love. I  hope the mold is easy to use.

I was in love with and used to using the pink bottle of Hydra TLC Sunsilk  24/7 crème. But then I couldn’t find it in the stores anywhere so I sadly started trying other products with minimal success taming my wild curls.

It took me a while but I finally decided to do an internet search to find out what happened to my favorite hair crème. I kept assuming it was a production issue and soon it would be back in the stores. What I found was that Sunsilk reformulated their products, made the product line smaller and added a famous name to the product.

Hmm, I was worried what would happen when I tried the new version. Finally the stores had it in stock and I even had a two for one coupon! I bought the new Hydra TLC and the Captivating Curls crèmes.

Since I hadn’t tried it before I wanted to test out the Captivating Curls Sunsilk. I loved it! It kept my curls tames and with a playful bouncy spring in the curls.

I don’t love the new bottle. I think the purple/gray color is antiseptic and sterile. The triangular shape is terrible for getting the last bit of product out of the tube leaving wasted product at the bottom. I liked the old squeeze tube better. I could get the last drop of product out and didn’t have to hassle with the pump squirting out either too little or too much product.

Strangely the new formulation of the Hydra TLC is lacking. It didn’t work the same as the old pink bottle version. My damp hair dried fly away and frizzy looking like a giant cotton ball! Horrors! I’m stuck with a whole bottle of the stuff and it doesn’t work like the beloved old formulation.  I’ll stick to the Captivating Curls and avoid the TLC version for now. Sunsilk please, please fix the Hydra TLC – bring back the old formulation!


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