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Here are a few more fun sites with great tips and tricks for the makeup and nail fanatic. Check them out and enjoy:

Zoffee – A gal from Denmark whose great at doing daring color looks. I think her day job is as  MAC makeup counter sales person.

Queen of Blending MUA – More striking colors and outrageous makeup looks. Her tutorial videos are fun to watch.

Nails Magazine – They have a specific section just  about nail art. Tips and tricks. Wild stuff for people who love to do extreme nail designs.

Makeup4All Great site about all the lastest news in cosmetics. Marina is the gal behind the blog.  Be sure to download her beauty magazine too!


Variations on blue, turquoise and teal nail polish get my attention. I got new polishes when I was in Bakersfield. Some are from Icings and some from Hot Topic.

The Hot Topic polishes my favorites! The purple one is especially awesome. It’s a dark purple with this pinkish purple speckles in it that gleam in the light. The color reminds me of Prince’s Purple Rain video where he wore the sparkly purple jacket.

One of the Icing polishes is a matte which I didn’t notice or I wouldn’t have bought it. I don’t like mattes. I prefer a finish so glossy it looks like the polish is still wet. But it was such an awesome looking teal I didn’t notice the word “matte” on the bottle.  Its called Chase Me. I did and now I have a matte teal that needs gloss!

Ironically the Hot Topic blues are also mattes.  They were not labeled. Here is a photo of the sky blue matte Hot Topic polish. No name on the bottle but I’m calling it Baby Blue Me. Love it even if it is a matte. Want to try it with a clear gloss but I’m leaning toward doing a French manicure with the darker Hot Topic blue.

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The funky skull and cross bones logo makes me think their colors are too dangerous for wimpy chicks. 😀 I love outrageous colors and whenever I see a Hot Topic store I buy lots of stuff.

Sadly there isn’t a Hot Topic in my area so I get to the store about once a year. I know there is an online store but I like to see the colors in person and ask the sale reps about the colors.

I ended up buying two color palettes for only $4.99 each. I figured the price was low enough even if the shadows didn’t turn out the best it wouldn’t be a waste of money. I love both palettes but can’t give you a name. There wasn’t one on the packaging or the actual eyeshadow case.

I’m calling this one Tangy Rainbow! It has five of my favorite colors to use for eyeshadow looks. The only color that was disappointing was the green. Even with an eye primer the color went on lightly and faded immediately. The yellow is bright, the turquoise dazzling and my favorite shade of hot pink.  Like the purple color too I just wish it was a slightly deeper pigment.

Deadly Reds that’s what I’m calling the palette of five red shades. Each one is different enough my fear of buying five shades of red disappeared.  I like to use them in my crease area.

The shadows last longer with an eye primer but still don’t have the staying power of Ben Nye shadows.

I’ll have to create swatches of the colors and post some looks I did with them. I really need a better camera. Mine is old and moody! Its hard to take any decent photos with it.

But if you want some fun, affordable colors check out Hot Topic.

I’m a makeup lover and germaphobe.  Part of being beautiful is staying healthy. One way to keep healthy is to keep your hands clean of germs. Check out this cute video done by a local hospital in my town.

If you’re going to be in London on June 9th you can enter  a casting call for Illamasqua’s Fall/Winter 2010 campaign.  Apply and upload a photo at Illamasqua.

Be sure to let me know if you get chosen! I’ll post your photo on Makeuptini’s blog. 🙂


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