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I love Zoffe’s blog and her videos are very informative.  If you want to learn how to do a Neon Green eyeshadow look watch her 10 minute video.  Its well worth your time.  I even want to try the OCC Lip Tar she used.


I had a coupon from All You magazine for about $2 or $3 off a Rimmel lipstick at Walmart.  I’d bee curious about Rimmel London lipstick so I decided to give it a try with this coupon.

The packaging of the Moisture Renew Lipstick was attractive. A bright purple plastic tube that looked a little luxe and lots of fun. It looks better in person; the photo makes it look cheap.  I was very excited to get a new lipstick and finally try Rimmel.

I can’t remember the name of the color except it started with a “B” either Berry something or Burgundy.  I was looking for a purple/wine color.

I noticed two things when I applied it. One, a noxious smell came from the tube. I don’t think it was a bad lipstick just the natural odor.  Too me it smelled like motor oil.  So my lips had an annoying odor that drove me crazy.  Two, I noticed it was very moist which made the color a little more sheer than I would like.  I like deeply pigmented lip colors and hate sheer tints with a passion.

Well, I could’ve lived with the lighter color and moistness. It wasn’t too sheer and gave good coverage but the smell! I wore it for about an hour and then I had to rub it off and apply a different lipstick.  The fragrance of the lipstick was too petroleum, motor oil stink to me.  I’m very sensitive to fragrances. The scent was over powering and I couldn’t concentrate with it invading my nostrils.

I thought maybe I could salvage the lipstick if I melted it into a mixtini and use one of my fragrance oils. I buy scented fragrance oils for lip products online. I thought if I put enough drops the nasty smell would disappear.

I also wanted to add in a darker matte lipstick too the Rimmel mixtini so it would be darker and less moist. Unfortunately the odor of the original Rimmel lipstick was so strong the sweet candy fragrance I added did nothing to mask it. I ended up tossing the failed mixtini in the garbage.

I won’t be trying Rimmel lipstick again. I’m not sure if it’s just the Moisture Renew Lipstick that smells so noxious but I don’t want to waste my money finding out with the other lipstick products.

Need ideas to create your own makeuptini looks? Check out these three sites for endless ideas.

Zoffee – A gal from Denmark whose great at doing daring color looks. I think her day job is as  MAC makeup counter sales person.

MUBlending Queen – More striking colors and outrageous makeup looks. Her tutorial videos are fun to watch.

Makeup4All – Great site about all the latest news in cosmetics. Marina is the gal behind the blog.  Be sure to download her beauty magazine too!

Opportunity for 10 winners to receive makeup prizes. Check out the details here:

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Giveaway.

Now that Summer is fast approaching it seems like we get daily reminders about the dangers of skin cancer and the need for daily sunscreen.  Browsing through a local drugstore I came across Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Everyday Protection Body Lotion SPF 15.

I love Eucerin’s  Sensitive Skin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30. I do use it everyday. It works great, isn’t to gooey or greasy.  It’s a skin lotion that protects my skin and doesn’t cause my face to break out or develop skin irritation.

This is a great everyday cream when you’re on a budget. Depending on where you go and if its on sale the price is $8-$12. Of course every so often I like to splurge on fancier face creams but Eucerin is a stand-by cream that never disappoints.

When I saw the Eucerin body lotion I was eager to try it. I don’t like applying regular sunscreens. They are usually too goopy, thick, and smelly.  Everyday Body Lotion doesn’t feel thick like sunscreen and is easy to apply.

No icky sunscreen stink either. Eucerin has a soft barely noticeable lotion scent which is good for me because strong fragrances give me headaches.  I don’t want to smell like a giant stick of sun block.

I want to smell pretty. 😀  I still like to use my Vanilla Lace moisturizer and occasionally ear it under Eucerin Protection lotion. Then I know I smell good and my skin is protected from too much of the bad UVA and UVB rays.

If you’re concerned about keeping your skin soft and smooth Eucerin products are worth a try.

If you want to try all natural nail polish check out  Piggy Paint.  Melanie Hurley developed the line so her kids could wear safe nail polish.

I haven’t tried the product yet but I’d like too.  And the colors are fun since they are for young girls. Bright colors with cute names. There’s even a Glow in the Dark nail polish!

I thought this polish might be good for anyone with chemical sensitivities. My sister is very sensitive to chemicals and can’t wear nail polish or use nail polish remover.  Maybe she can use this without any problems. Oh and there is a non-toxic nail polish remover too!

Check it out the non-toxic nail polish here: Piggy Paint.

Let me know how it works for you if you try the polish.

I read a small article in April Allure showing white liquid eyeliner along the top lashes. It said it was striking and cool but it just looked creepy and bizarre.

I know you can use white pencil on the waterline area and in corners to enhance your eye look. But using liquid white eyeliner on the upper lash line looked awful in the photos.

I even tried it once and it looked like I used correction fluid on my eyes. It was terrible. I couldn’t even wear it outside my home. I ended up returning the eyeliner it was so horrible looking.

I thought it was just me but when I read that article and saw the models even their beautiful faces look freaky.

Have you ever worn thick white eyeliner on your upper lash line and how did it look?


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