To Griege or Not to Griege

Posted on: April 21, 2010

I’m not feeling this new nail color trend toward “griege” those grayish – beige colors. Why would anyone want to paint their nails the color of wet cement? The colors are dull and bland.  I want to yawn when I see photos of or people wearing “griege” nail polish.

“Griege” does not flatter my skin tone. I don’t like gray polish or beige polish because they wash me out and make it look like I’ve got some disease and my fingers are dying. Mixing the two colors adds to the yuck that’s gross factor. “Griege” is definitely not on my wish list of polish colors to buy.

And “griege” reminds me too much of the frumpy blazers my 76 year old grandmother wears. Sorry but I don’t want to look like an elderly grandma.

Enjoy your “griege” phase while it lasts but I’m opting out. I’ll stick to vivid bright polish colors like hot pink, sky blue, metallic blue, lime green and sparkly reds.  I have no plans to walk around with cement colored nails.


2 Responses to "To Griege or Not to Griege"

*gasps and crosses you off her xmas card list!*

hahah, I guess the answer is in what your wrote… it just doesn’t flatter your skintone. I feel the same about summer brights. I think they look tacky and garish… when I guess in reality, on the right skintone, they look ah-mazing… like little brightly coloured sweets on the tips of your fingers!

Against my skintone, Greige looks elegant and understated. It’s edgy (or at least, it used to be before it trended last year) without being loud… it just works for me!

Live and let live I say, wouldn’t the world be boring if we all loved the same colours! x

You’re right if we all liked the same colors it would be boring. I look best in brights or jewel tones. Must be my Latin coloring. 🙂

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