Teal Nail Polish Nightmare!

Posted on: April 20, 2010

Troublesome Teal Duo

I was trying to do a quick polish of my nails. I used two different shades of teal on alternating nails. Turns out on is more green and the other more blue.  And I like the teal blue better. I did one coat and sprayed with nail dryer and waited for my nails to try so I could do a second coat. As usual I got impatient and decided to get up and do something.

Unfortunately I hadn’t screwed the cap on the nail polish tightly because when I accidentally bumped the polish it went somersaulting in the air and landed brush and bottle in separate locations. Horrors, I had teal blue polish splattered on the CARPET like an alien blood stain. In a noticeable location where guest are sure to see it when they’re in my living room.  ARGH!

After picking up the nail polish – of course it was my favorite Savvy teal blue that spilled – I rushed to the bathroom for cotton swabs and nail polish remover.  Rapidly dabbing the spilled polish with remover soaked swabs I tried to remove the stain.

It wasn’t helping and as I bent over the stains with an open bottle of nail polish remover liquid started spilling onto the carpet. I was so glad it was non-acetone remover in case the carpet was damaged along with being stained. I get clumsy when I panic hence the spilled nail polish remover.

Well the stain wasn’t coming up so I used carpet cleaner on it. No luck with that either. So I gave up.

Savvy stains...Bummer!

But that wasn’t an end to my nail polish spillage nightmare. I’d forgotten about the other nail polish bottle with its loose cap.  I ended up bumping that too and now have an ugly streak of Basic teal green polish on the carpet. WAAAA! I bought Basic in Berlin last summer.

Basic stain 😦

Ok so if you have experience removing polish from carpet please leave a comment and help me out.


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