Eyeshadow Sets for Specific Eye Colors

Posted on: April 15, 2010

I’ve seen eyeshadow sets in stores and read an article in Allure about sets of colors for specific eye color.

Well, I’m not buying into this idea. Anybody else wondering if it’s just some marketing gimmick directed at women who don’t know how to choose eyeshadow colors or are afraid to experiment with color?

First I think hair color and skin tone also come into play not just eye color. Second, I have brown eyes and the recommended colors are varying shades of silver and gray which look like crap on me.

I have dark hair and light skin and silver shadows make me look sickly not sultry like the article I read claimed.  I like the colors in the eye shadow pans in the photo but on me they look awful.

And I’ve seen eyeshadow sets with dark purples that make me look like I have a black eye. I like soft light purples and fuchsias but eggplant colors make me look like a losing boxer.

Why give myself a black eye with bad eyeshadow colors?

Plus you get conflicting advice. I’ve read in various magazines that using the same color eyeshadow as your eyes is not a good idea.  Yet the sets I’ve seen in stores for blue eyes are blue shadows and green shadows for green eyes. What gives?

One thing I did agree with in the article was that teal colors look good with brown eyes. I use lots of teal colors but haven’t seen them in eyeshadow sets for brown eyes.

Personally, I’m not afraid to experiment with a rainbow of colors and I won’t let a cosmetic company decide which colors I should mix together because of the color of my eyes.  I consider the whole package: skin tone, hair color and eye color to create a flattering look. That’s what mixing your own makeup cocktail is all about – finding what works for you.


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