Sally Hansen Lip Gloss Color Swatches

Posted on: April 11, 2010

I swatched the colors I’ve mentioned in previous posts.  Three Sally Hansen Lacquer Shines and  an  18 hour Lip Treatment in this photo.

Swatches and glimpse of my nails.

Color swatches in order: Poppy, Orchid, 18 hr Lip Treatment (No color name listed)  and Jasmine. The lip treatment is very sheer with faint sparkles and its  really sticky.  Not crazy about it but for a dollar it was not a bad purchase. I love the Lacquer Shines. Thick glosses that can be worn alone but I generally wear a dab over my lipstick.  I’m a lipstick girl.

Today I found a new color – Lilly looks purple/eggplant –  will swatch later. Also saw a Ginger color which looked sort of frosty beige – too pale and boring so I didn’t buy it.

I did see another Orchid so I added a second one to my collection. Its my favorite so far but I do like Poppy. Unfortunately I don’t wear a lot of red lipstick so Poppy doesn’t get a lot of use but it’s a gorgeous color.

Alternate Photo of Swatches

Oh, and I bought some cool hot pink lipsticks by Aziza to melt into mixtinis since the colors are nice but too sheer for me. I’ll add some matte lipsticks and make a new better version of the colors I got today.  Hooray for discount dollar stores!


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