Love Being Mentha Fresh

Posted on: April 7, 2010

I love mint scented products. They are so refreshing and uplifting. Mint makes me feel like good things are on the horizon.

C.O. Bigelow Mentha line of products has real peppermint oil and will keep you invigorated.

Mentha Vitamin Bodywash will really wake you up during your morning shower.  I like to use it if I’m feeling sluggish and need to get motivated.  The minty scent energizes me.

I’ve also tried the Mentha Shampoo and Conditioner. Outside of the invigorating scent I wasn’t impressed. It does make your scalp tingle but stings if it gets in your eyes. Minty eyeballs are not my thing. LOL. Both are mediocre cleansing and conditioning products for the price. I wouldn’t buy them again unless there was a special sale price like two for one.

Mentha Lip Care Products:

SPF 15 Mentha Lip Balm (No Shine Formula) is an absolute must have. I wear this to bed at night and underneath my lipstick when I put my makeup on for the day. It’s not sticky or waxy and has a subtle fresh mint scent. I have 3 tubes in my apartment. I even used an old tube in a lipstick mixtini.

Mentha Lip Shines – I mostly wear these at night after I’ve washed my face and am just relaxing at home.  But I really like them

Mentha Spearmint – softer sweeter mint that I really like

Ultra Mentha – Strong mint that’s invigoration

Cinnamint – Not my favorite but different. Cinnamon isn’t big on my list of flavors.

Mentha Lip Buffer Gentle Formula – keep your lips baby smooth. Buffs off the rough skin which reminds me I need to buff my lips soon.

When I was a little girl I loved getting those small white peppermint candies with the red stripes.  Finding those in Mom’s handbag was a treat when I had no candy. It was like finding treasure!  And Grandma had a mint plant and we’d brew mint tea with the leaves. Mint has always been a great scent and flavor for me and the Mentha line evokes great memories.  Enjoy.


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