Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace Score!

Posted on: April 2, 2010

I love Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace Secret Garden fragrance and body products. You may have read about my sensitivity to fragrances and how this scent is ideal for me in Smell Scrumptious Not Stinky.

I got a $10 off purchase gift card from Victoria’s Secret in the mail.  I have more than enough uplifting bras so I planned to by beauty products instead.

Entering the Victoria’s Secret store I was dazzled by all the ultra feminine lingerie and beauty products. I debated whether to buy eyeshadow or lipstick but realized I’d get more bang for my buck if I stocked up on my favorite Vanilla Lace Products.

I only had one shower gel left and my body butter is just about empty.  With their already priced buy 7 for $35 I decided to restock my bath supplies.  I had a tough time choosing which products to get multiples of with my discount but it was a fun time choosing.

What did I buy? Here’s the list:

3 Exhilarating Body Washes

2 Rehydrating Body Lotions

1 Ultra Softening Body Butter

1 Refreshing Body Spray

1 Ultra Moisturizing Hand and Body Cream

Are you wondering why 8 products are listed? Well, when I went to pay the sales person mentioned with 7 you get an additional product free! That brings my beauty bargain up to 8 Secret Garden products.

I dithered over what to buy as number eight and settled on the Moisturizing Hand and Body Cream.  Now I think I should’ve picked another body wash but I’m happy with my selection. WOO HOO!

A total of eight Vanilla Lace products for only $25.00! (Sales tax added $2.19 to my total.) This comes out to about $3.13 per product when the prices usually range from $8.50 – $10.00 each! What a steal of a deal!

I love getting great deals on beauty products. Actually I love to get great deals on anything I buy: food, clothes, cosmetics, books, any product I need.  All to make my money stretch as far as possible.

Check out my cache of Vanilla Lace here along with the fab VS bag. Its so fun walking around doing the rest of my shopping with it dangling from my arm. Unfortunately all the products I bought made the bag unpleasantly heavy but well worth the effort to lug it back to my car. 🙂

Love Vanilla Lace & VS bag!


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