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I bought this with my Sephora Facebook15 discount.  I love the packaging. Elegant lux box and the sophisticated faux black rose. Very elegant. Even faux leather cover on the palette is attractive.

The kit came with a black eyeliner pencil. It’s very creamy and glides on softly, no tugging on my eyelids.  I’d rather have brown or blue eyeliner. Black looks stark on my light skin.

I’ve worn the colors twice and I’m not feeling it. I look better with browns that have a rose undertone. No rose in these browns. The crease color specifically is just too dark.

Maybe it’s because I have brown eyes and brown hair and pale skin  but the colors don’t enhance my looks.  I look washed out and tired.  My quest for the right brown tone color palette continues. *sigh*


I’m not feeling this new nail color trend toward “griege” those grayish – beige colors. Why would anyone want to paint their nails the color of wet cement? The colors are dull and bland.  I want to yawn when I see photos of or people wearing “griege” nail polish.

“Griege” does not flatter my skin tone. I don’t like gray polish or beige polish because they wash me out and make it look like I’ve got some disease and my fingers are dying. Mixing the two colors adds to the yuck that’s gross factor. “Griege” is definitely not on my wish list of polish colors to buy.

And “griege” reminds me too much of the frumpy blazers my 76 year old grandmother wears. Sorry but I don’t want to look like an elderly grandma.

Enjoy your “griege” phase while it lasts but I’m opting out. I’ll stick to vivid bright polish colors like hot pink, sky blue, metallic blue, lime green and sparkly reds.  I have no plans to walk around with cement colored nails.

Troublesome Teal Duo

I was trying to do a quick polish of my nails. I used two different shades of teal on alternating nails. Turns out on is more green and the other more blue.  And I like the teal blue better. I did one coat and sprayed with nail dryer and waited for my nails to try so I could do a second coat. As usual I got impatient and decided to get up and do something.

Unfortunately I hadn’t screwed the cap on the nail polish tightly because when I accidentally bumped the polish it went somersaulting in the air and landed brush and bottle in separate locations. Horrors, I had teal blue polish splattered on the CARPET like an alien blood stain. In a noticeable location where guest are sure to see it when they’re in my living room.  ARGH!

After picking up the nail polish – of course it was my favorite Savvy teal blue that spilled – I rushed to the bathroom for cotton swabs and nail polish remover.  Rapidly dabbing the spilled polish with remover soaked swabs I tried to remove the stain.

It wasn’t helping and as I bent over the stains with an open bottle of nail polish remover liquid started spilling onto the carpet. I was so glad it was non-acetone remover in case the carpet was damaged along with being stained. I get clumsy when I panic hence the spilled nail polish remover.

Well the stain wasn’t coming up so I used carpet cleaner on it. No luck with that either. So I gave up.

Savvy stains...Bummer!

But that wasn’t an end to my nail polish spillage nightmare. I’d forgotten about the other nail polish bottle with its loose cap.  I ended up bumping that too and now have an ugly streak of Basic teal green polish on the carpet. WAAAA! I bought Basic in Berlin last summer.

Basic stain 😦

Ok so if you have experience removing polish from carpet please leave a comment and help me out.

I was surprised to read in Allure magazines April issue that Evening Primrose Oil is one of five supplements that improve your skin.

According to the article it has Omega 6 fatty acids and helps your skin make ceramides to hold onto water more effectively. Sounds like a good added benefit since I take if primarily for PMS.  Didn’t know I was helping my skin too.

I started taking Evening Primrose Oil f at the recommendation of the nurse at my doctor’s office. It works great for my PMS symptoms.  When I read the Allure article on the additional benefits I was glad to find a beauty benefit to the supplement.

Be sure to check with your physician before taking this or any other supplements.

I love Sexy Hair products. I’ve tried a couple of their shampoos and a conditioner. My shower is currently full of these products.

Silky Sexy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner (not shown)

My favorite of the Sexy Hair product line.  The shampoo leaves my hair soft and the smell is yummy. The conditioner adds to the softness of my hair making it easier to style. The scent reminds me of the pineapple/banana baby juice I used to beg my Mom for when my sister was a baby and I was too old for baby foods.

Healthy Sexy Hair Pumpkin Detoxifying Shampoo

Smells like Pumpkin pie and keeps my hair healthy and clean. Good for daily use. I got the 33.8 oz size at Marshalls for $9.99!  I love a great bargain.

Straight Sexy Hair

My least favorite scent but it keeps my hair soft and helps straighten out the frizz. I have naturally curly hair that tends toward frizz. I think I dislike the scent because it is perfumey and not at all food oriented like the other two shampoos. 😀

Which Sexy Hair products have you tried? Leave a comment

I really wanted the Benefit To Go Beauty Bestsellers that was on special for $10.00.  I kept debating on whether to order it or not and then I found Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer travel size also on sale so I was hooked.  I couldn’t resist.

Add to that I got my Beauty Insider gift and the Skin Care Challenge Sample bag. And of course the usual 3 free samples. I like the custom Sephora baggie with black stripes that holds the samples.

I’m still trying out the Benefit items so I’ll do a review post later. And with 12+ skin care samples I do more posts on those once I use them all.

I did try the Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion sample.  It left my skin smooth and soft but not as soft at Bliss’ Youth As We Know It. Overall I did enjoy it but at $33.00 for 1.7 oz  I won’t be adding it to my daily skin care routine.

Attention all Sephora shoppers:  Special Sale for Beauty Insiders.

Hurry up if you haven’t already seen it already  the sale ends on April 19th.  Its good for in stores and online.  There’s a 15% off discount for your total order! Thousands of products available at an unheard of discount! Stock up now.

I ignored my budget and got my 15% off! 😀 Oh and it even applies to buying the Weekly Specials. Those specials have me ordering too much stuff! But the deals are hard to pass up!

You can sign up on the website to become a Beauty Insider if you aren’t one already.  Oh and I found out about this discount on Facebook so be sure to become  a Sephora fan to find out about any future sales.

Woo Hoo! Never enough makeup to add to my makeuptini recipes.


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