Oh, Baby Is My Skin Soft Now!

Posted on: March 24, 2010

Have you tried any Bliss Products?  I tried The Youth as We Know It Skin care kit.  I was amazed at the results.

The products made my face soft and smooth like my favorite little two year old buddy’s face. (He’s a friend of mine’s kid and a cutie.) My skin looked and felt good even after I applied makeup. 🙂  It made applying the makeup easier too.

There are five items in the kit:

  1. The Youth as We Know It Cleanser
  2. The Youth as We Know It Toner
  3. The Youth as We Know It
  4. The Youth as We Know It Eye cream
  5. The Youth as We Know It Concentrate

I’m in love with the face cream, eye cream and concentrate.  Feels like all the benefits of a chemical peel without the ugly peel or recovery time or what I image a peel is like since I have never tried one.  But I saw the results on a family friend and it looked like a painful sunburn. Ouch. Just smooth skin like my toddler buddy’s face. Oh, yeah!  Sweet, baby cheeks!

The only product that didn’t impress me was the Cleanser. It didn’t clean the makeup off my face very well. It left most of the makeup on my face and it didn’t remove my eyeliner or mascara.  I think it would work best as a morning cleanser when you wake up with no makeup on at all.  I wouldn’t buy the cleanser for everyday use considering the price and uneven skin cleansing.

The Youth as We Know It is pricey but beauty is not cheap. I only got the sampler kit ($68.00) because I had a gift card. But it was worth it. And these were all small travel sizes.  The regular size prices are outside my current budget. Oh but some day…the full size containers will be in my bathroom cabinet.  Then I will feel baby soft cheeks and not be hugging my little pal. 😀 It will be my own skin.


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