Guitar Lessons, Cartooning, Hindi, Letters and More

Posted on: March 21, 2010

Makeup is my passion but I also have other interests. I love learning new things.  I wanted to share a few fascinating sites with you.

Learn to play the guitar:

Gibson Guitar Corp. has page with video guitar lessons. I discovered Arlen Roth teaching guitar lessons. He’s amazing musician. Makes me want to learn to play the guitar but I worry about ruining my nails. J

Arlen has a blog too so be sure to give it a read.  This guy can play! Listening to him as I type. WOW! Check out the lesson below and you will understand why I now want to learn to play the guitar.

Click this link to view the lesson:  Hot Country Runs Using Open Strings

Learn how to draw cartoons:

Blog by the artist who created Ren and Stimpy John K. His blog makes me want to learn how to cartoon. The motion of the figures and how they look ready to leap off the page through my computer screen and onto my keyboard. The original Ren and Stimpy cartoons were hilarious.

Check his blog out yourself:

Be sure to check out the link for his cartooning school. When I have time I want to try it out:

Learn a new language:

I’ve been learning Hindi, the national language of India. If you want to learn Devanagari script and how to pronounce the syllables here’s a cool resource:

You have to click another link on this page to get to the tutorial section:

Letters of Note – Place to read and post letters, postcards and faxes to fascinate and dazzle the masses. It’s a nifty window into the lives of interesting people. You can even post your own notes.

Read letters here:

Urban Legends Reference Pages: When people send you warning emails with bizarre stories check here to see if they are true or hoaxes:

After I find out the email is a hoax I like to send the Snopes link to the person who sent me the email.

I hope you enjoy these sites as much as I have.  What new stuff have you learned lately? Post it in the comments.


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