My Two Favorite Liquid Eyeliners

Posted on: March 20, 2010

I like to use liquid eyeliner on my upper eyelids because it stays on longer than pencil with my combination skin.  I’ve tried several brands and some make my eyes itch.  The two liners that really work for me are from two different brands.

My favorite black eyeliner is from Guerlain’s Divinora. Its $34 so a little pricey for an eyeliner but if you want to splurge try it. It has staying power and is easy to apply.

Vincent Longo’s Bluetto makes my eye look vivid and audacious. I use this one on a daily basis. I can’t live without this color. It’s only $18.50 and lasts all day. You’ll need eye makeup remover to get it off completely.

A liquid eyeliner I plan to avoid is by Hard Candy. I tried Asphalt, a black eyeliner and that stuff was hard to get off even with eye makeup remover. I thought I’d have to rub off my skin to remove it.  A disappointing experience because I was ready to try all their exciting colors.

What are your favorite liquid eyeliners? Post the brands and colors in a comment.


2 Responses to "My Two Favorite Liquid Eyeliners"

I don’t use liquid liners but have tested MAC’s Liquidlast which have great staying power and a nice variety of shades, but lasts so long it’s rather difficult to remove, unless you’re using an oil based makeup remover!

I’ve tried MAC’s Liquidlast too and it was so hard to remove I ended up returning it to the store. I think I had that stuff on for like 2 days. I didn’t have an oil based makeup remover since I don’t like them.

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