Lipsticks Stirred Not Shaken Into Customized Makeuptinis

Posted on: March 17, 2010

Do you have trouble finding a wearable lipstick? I do.  I have a hard time finding the right color lipstick.  It’s usually too pale, too sheer or too dark or too orange and that’s just the color. I often have issues with the texture of lipsticks I buy.

Some are too greasy others are too waxy or sticky or dry.  I hate it when after about an hour the lipstick has gravitated off my face and sometimes around my mouth so I look like some messed up clown.

Or when I look in the mirror to find to my horror my lipstick has clumped up and it looks like I have colored crumbs on my lips. Yuck! This after spending a couple hours running errands so any number of people have seen my messed up lipstick.

I hate having wrong lipstick colors sit in my makeup tool box getting old and stale so I stir them into new shades. I like to melt my lipstick mistakes and combine colors to make my own customized shades.

The colors don’t always come out how I planned but every so often I get a color I fall in love with and a texture I can tolerate on my lips.  Most of the lipsticks I currently wear are my own concoctions.

If you want details on how I whip up my own lipstick makeuptinis let me know and I’ll write a post with directions.


1 Response to "Lipsticks Stirred Not Shaken Into Customized Makeuptinis"

Very clever! Please post directions. You are so smart!

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