Join me for a Makeuptini!

Posted on: March 16, 2010

Mix your own Makeuptini

I’ve started this blog to share my love of makeup. I’ve loved makeup since I was a little girl when I’d play with my mother’s lipsticks and flip through her Avon catalogs. Visits from the Avon lady were exciting days. I would see the small lipstick samples and assume they were for me. Mom would say “No honey, those colors are too dark for you.” I couldn’t wait for the day I was old enough to wear any color lipstick.

Well the day finally arrived and ever since I’ve tried every shade of lipstick that’s caught my eye. I favor luscious cool shades. It’s the rare day when I wear warm lipsticks. Out of the hundred plus tubes in my makeup tool box only four are brown shades.

My quest is for the ultimate fuchsia lipstick. I love hot pinks, magentas and purples too.  Lately I’ve been favoring dark berry colors.

Don’t think lipstick is my only interest. I love eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, nail polish, and of course the necessary stuff like concealer, base, powder and blush.

I chose the name makeuptini because with all the variety of colors and brands of cosmetics you can mix your own individual makeup cocktail that makes you come alive.  Makeup adds pizazz to any face. Highlights  the positive and hides most of the negative. Rather like when you drink a few too many cocktails. 😀

Save yourself a seat at my beauty bar and listen up while I mix my own makeup cocktails.  Your comments are always welcome.  So be sure to RSS this blog for your regular makeuptini.


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