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Help! My eyes have wretched dark circles because of my allergies. Spring is here along with all the beautiful flowers and their toxic pollens. I love seeing flowers bloom but breathing in pollen is another issue.

Its bad enough I run through boxes tissue and have to take antihistamines and decongestants.  Now I have to hide the purple bags under my eyes.  I’ve tried various under eye concealer products and haven’t been impressed with the results.

Allure magazine has an article in their April issue about how to cover them up. Does anyone else feel like beauty magazines often give conflicting makeup advice? Some say use stick concealers, other say use liquid. Now I’m reading use a pot or tube of concealer. Sigh, what’s the deal?

What have you found most successful?  It’s such a bummer when I have my eyeshadow on just right and yet my unsightly bags refuse to be hidden.

Its hard to feel beautiful when the under eye circles make me look exhausted and old.  I’m off to take my next dose of allergy medication. Let me know what you use so I can cover my bags and not feel like I have two suitcases under my eyes.


My lips with my mixtini creation

If you read Lipsticks Stirred Not Shaken Into Customized Makeuptinis, you’ve probably bee wondering what one of my of my customized lipstick melts look like. Here is one of my lipstick makeover mixtinis. I love this color. Sorry I can’t tell you which lipstick mistakes went into making this fabulous color but it turned out well.

I don’t usually keep track of what colors go into each mixtini. The resulting mixtini lipstick is usually a one of kind color and about half the time I don’t like the resulting color. The ones I don’t like end up recycled into new mixtinis.

If you like sometime I can make notes of which colors and brands go into a mixtini. Maybe if I’m feeling techie enough I’ll make a video or at least take photos.

It’s tough once the mixture comes out of the microwave. It hardens quickly so I have to pour it fast which will hinder photographs but maybe video will catch it all.

I use a Rose Plum lip liner by VIP Cosmetics with this mixtini. Unfortunately they stopped making Rose Plum at VIP and it’s my favorite lip liner. It goes with a lot of lip colors.  I only have two pencils and both are down to about one fourth the original pencil sizes.  It will be a sad day for me when they run down to unusable nubs.

The color may not look especially unique to you but with my skin tone and my specific needs regarding texture, color, etc. this turned into the kind of color I want to buy first time around. It would be nice to buy the right color and texture up front but that rarely happens for me so “Voila!” my own lipstick mixtinis to complement my makeuptini looks.

If you want to make your own mixtini lipsticks check out this previous post: Give Your Lipstick an Extreme Makeover! Let me know how your lipstick makeovers go.

I hit a makeup jackpot at the Dollar Tree recently. I went to two different stores in different nearby towns as I was driving home from a visit with my Mom. I usually check in just to see what makeup is available on my 40 minute drive home.

Not sure why but the Dollar Tree in my town has a poor selection of makeup. They don’t seem to get all the good brands like the other stores in my county. Seems to me they get all they yucky cheap stuff while the other stores get good brands.


Ten Lipsticks. Yes 10 and only a dollar each. Woo hoo! Too many colors names to type, but from several color families: red, wine, pink, neutral, soft brown.

I also got one Maybelline lipstick in Cranberry Crush. It worked great for mixing my own personal makeuptini lipsticks so I plan on using this one for my next melt down mix up session.

Lip Lacquers and 18 Hr Lip Treatment

Lacquer Shines and 18hr Lip Treatment

Sally Hansen

One 18 Hour Lip Treatment – (According to Sally Hansen) “Time-Release Moisturizing Formula Lasts up to 18 Hours! Time-release formula delivers superior moisturization hour after hour. Lips look and feel revitalized, smooth and healthy for up to 18 hours!”

Three Lacquer Shines – Two in Poppy and one in Jasmine. Same yummy scent as the Orchid I mentioned in a previous post read about it here Beauty Treasure

Two Collagen Lip Lifts – Sheer Peaceful Plum and Sheer Soothing Spice – Too sheer for me I like full creamy coverage. They’ll work great for melting lip mixtinis.

LA Colors Nail Polish

LA Colors Nail Polish

Five colors: Nuclear Energy – Bright Purple, Electrified – Glitter Pink, Phenomena – Bright Fuschia, Atomic – Teal green, Live – Silver glitter.

I’ve tried Nuclear Energy and Atomic. Both need 3 coats to be opaque. Unfortunately Atom stained my hands blue green so I had to rub really hard with polish remover to clean the color off my fingers.

Sally Hansen Lip Sheers and Cover Girl Gel Liners

Cover Girl Eyeslicks duo gel liners in neon pink and lilac. Hard to apply. I feel like I’m rubbing a crayon on my eyelids. Worry about tugging on my skin. It did work well as a base for my shadows. Helped my eye shadow stay on for hours.

I got over $100.00 worth of makeup for about $26! Awesome!  My best haul ever!

A lot of the lipstick will probably end up melted into my personal makeuptinis. I’m excited to see what I can mix up. I’ll let you know what mixtinis I create in future posts.

Post your best makeup bargains in the comments section.

Have you ever had a makeup application mishap? The other day I was applying may face makeup L’Oreal Infallible Advanced Never Fail Makeup. It has a squeeze pump applicator that gets clogged easily. Otherwise I love the makeup.

It lasts all day and my face is combination oily/dry and so I can look all greasy by the end of the day with the wrong makeup. It has SPF 18 too! I like to make sure my face has enough sunscreen.  So that along with my face lotion which has an SPF 30 I should be ok against the suns rays.

Rotate True Match with Infallible

I use it almost daily; I rotate with L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup.  Doing my morning makeuptini application, I squeeze some on my makeup sponge and something goes awry.

I think it must’ve been squeezing past a clog and somehow I wasn’t pointing it directly at my sponge. Squirt, makeup shoots directly into my eye! YOW!  My eye feels icky and slightly painful mainly because of the impact of the makeup.

I pull out a hand mirror and see three blobs of flesh tone in my eye. Yuck, foundation in my eye! I’m trying to fish it out with my nail wondering if it’s going to irritate my eye. I didn’t want to have to use drops and ruin my eye shadow or wash my eye and reapply it all.  I didn’t really have time to redo my makeup.

Fortunately it didn’t cause serious irritation just felt a little strange for about 15 minutes. Like when you had stuff in your eye and got it out and then your eye feels dry and strange.

Several extra blinks later I felt normal and got on with my day.  That was one of the weirdest things to happen to my eye while applying makeup. I’ve had eye shadow in my eye and even the occasional eyeliner poke or mascara wand poke.  But never before had I mistakenly squirted face makeup into my poor eye.

Sorry eyeball. My bad.  I’ll be careful in the future.

Ok L’Oreal, great face makeup with your Infallible product, but do something about that easily clogged pump.  I’ve had issues with it squirting on my hands and clothes. The eyeball mishap was the strangest and a little scary.

I’m sharing some non-makeup related sites to add some fun to your weekend. I’ve enjoyed them all especially the ones that benefit our global community. Have a blast!

Book Crossing – Set your books loose into the wild

Description from their site: “BookCrossing is earth-friendly, and gives you a way to share your books, clear your shelves, and conserve precious resources at the same time. Through our own unique method of recycling reads, BookCrossers give life to books. A book registered on BookCrossing is ready for adventure.”

You log in your books and tag them and then set them loose in a local hang out for someone else to find and read. Your books are assigned tracking numbers and when people log them in you can watch them travel. Its fun to set books free.

Free Rice

Feed people while having fun playing an educational game. For every answer you get right they donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help end hunger.

The first topic is English vocabulary but there are other subjects to choose from to play the game. The other subjects are Math, Chemistry, Geography, Art, and Foreign Language including Spanish, French, German and Italian.

Give your brain a workout! It’s a fun addictive game that helps feed the hungry. I’ve donated over 6000 grains of rice. Play here:

Phone Zoo

Personalized ringtones you can send to your phone as video/text files for only the cost of what your phone carrier charges for a text/video message. Phone Zoo doesn’t charge you anything. You can even upload ringtones you’ve made to share with others. I’ve downloaded music ringtones, TV themes and humor related ringtones. Its lots of fun setting up different ringtones that none of your friends have and all for no cost. Woo Hoo!

Internet Movie Database

You’ve probably found this site already but I wanted to share it with you just in case. You can find listings for current and upcoming movies. Lots of fun trailer videos to watch and reviews to read.  Also recaps of popular current TV shows, actor biographies and more.  You can look up local movie times by entering your zip code.

I like to read the recaps of my favorite TV shows in case I miss seeing them or just to enhance my viewing experience.

Sad news today for nail lovers. I broke the nail off my right middle finger.  I hit the car door wrong when I was closing it and it whacked my finger. The nail felt weird and when I looked at it I saw it had cracked. The kind of crack where the nail almost peeled off the finger but its hanging by a corner. Ouch! I decided to peel it all the way off so it wouldn’t snag on something and rip off.

The break happened all the way to the edge of my nail bed. I have a tiny portion of skin showing so it’s all sensitive. My finger even hurts a tiny bit as I type. It feels exposed.  WAAA!!!

Now I have one too short nail in the middle of all my other nails. Not that they look that great since lately I’ve been getting wretched cracks in my nails. And I’ve been trying to glue them until the cracked part grows out enough so I can clip it and file it out so I nails can grow out evenly.

It’s just so sad seeing my nubby looking middle finger among the fingers with nail growth. I was staring miserably down at it while waiting for the GOOGLE Make SLO Fast application to be submitted at City Hall.

Our city is trying to lure Google Fiber into our area for their high speed broadband internet testing.  The event went well and I even ended up in a distant shot on the TV news clip.

Viewing the damage after removing my electric blue nail polish made my finger throb all over again with remembered pain.  Filing my broken nail smooth was just sad.  I know the nail will eventually grow out but it will be an eye sore until it grows out.

What are your broken nail sob stories? Share them so we can feel blue together.

Have you tried any Bliss Products?  I tried The Youth as We Know It Skin care kit.  I was amazed at the results.

The products made my face soft and smooth like my favorite little two year old buddy’s face. (He’s a friend of mine’s kid and a cutie.) My skin looked and felt good even after I applied makeup. 🙂  It made applying the makeup easier too.

There are five items in the kit:

  1. The Youth as We Know It Cleanser
  2. The Youth as We Know It Toner
  3. The Youth as We Know It
  4. The Youth as We Know It Eye cream
  5. The Youth as We Know It Concentrate

I’m in love with the face cream, eye cream and concentrate.  Feels like all the benefits of a chemical peel without the ugly peel or recovery time or what I image a peel is like since I have never tried one.  But I saw the results on a family friend and it looked like a painful sunburn. Ouch. Just smooth skin like my toddler buddy’s face. Oh, yeah!  Sweet, baby cheeks!

The only product that didn’t impress me was the Cleanser. It didn’t clean the makeup off my face very well. It left most of the makeup on my face and it didn’t remove my eyeliner or mascara.  I think it would work best as a morning cleanser when you wake up with no makeup on at all.  I wouldn’t buy the cleanser for everyday use considering the price and uneven skin cleansing.

The Youth as We Know It is pricey but beauty is not cheap. I only got the sampler kit ($68.00) because I had a gift card. But it was worth it. And these were all small travel sizes.  The regular size prices are outside my current budget. Oh but some day…the full size containers will be in my bathroom cabinet.  Then I will feel baby soft cheeks and not be hugging my little pal. 😀 It will be my own skin.


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