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I was drawn to this color at the same time I became obsessed with MUFE #15 lipstick. I love teal colored eyeliners so this one made its way home with me. The felt pen made it easy to apply the eyeliner. I was concerned about the tip because I haven’t had much success with felt tip liners in the past. But this one worked so well I could line my lower eye lid with no problems.  As you can see in the photo the liner looks fantastic.

A huge problem arose after wearing the eyeliner for a couple of hours. My eyes are a little watery which caused the eyeliner on  near my lower eyelashes to melt off.  I saw a puddle of eyeliner! It looked like teal tears were seeping out of my eyes! What a mess. I had to wipe it away with a tissue before it bleed down my face.

The eyeliner on my upper eyelids faded after a few hours. Horrors! So pale above and melting off below! I loved the color but eyeliner that won’t stay put is worthless to me. I returned the eyeliner to Sephora and went back to my trusty LA Splash liquid eyeliners.

I bought this palette months ago but it’s providing endless makeuptini looks.  See my palette below? It’s heavy in thick durable plastic compared to other eyeshadow palettes I own.  But I love it! Wish there were more blues and browns and less yellows and oranges.

Seriously how many oranges and yellows does a gal need? I need maybe four tops each but this has a row each of orange and yellow! Most I don’t even use. The blue shadows are great and I’d love more. There are only like 4 browns and they are red/orange browns when I was hoping for more chocolate browns.

Hope you like my looks. None of the colors are labeled so you can use whatever colors look similar to mine from the palette.

I love this look with Red, Yellow and Green. Sorry for the unkempt eyebrow and the stray hairs that need plucking. Funny how in the mirror things look fine but when I take a photo all the mistakes are noticeable. Then I’m wondering “How did I miss that! And that! And I thought I had blended that better!” Oh well, this self portrait stuff is helping me improve my makeup application. LOL!

It’s a stunning look and I never realized how much green eye shadow makes my eyes pop. I stick to blues and teals. This green has been a fun adventure.

I love this look. It reminds me of a rainbow. Wearing a Nars eyeliner which I’ll review in another post.

And here’s another favorite with yellow, sky blue and darker blue:

Get yourself the 120 color palette! It’s hours of makeup fun with great makeuptini looks to be created. I found mine on ebay for less than $20.00 plus shipping.

I recently purchased two Victoria Secret brand eyeshadows. One is a pale ivory called Bunny and the other a blue shadow called Wanted. The blue seemed like a lush, shimmery blue and tested on my hand looked like a deep luxe blue.

I’m reasonably happy with Bunny. It’s a matte ivory which I’ve been wanting for a while. I wanted something without a shimmer. Turns out I miss the shimmer a bit but I still like Bunny.

Wanted was very disappointing. On it looks more like a black blue.  Even worse it has no staying power. It appeared to melt off my lid after two hours. I was so dissatisfied I wanted to return it.

I went back to Victoria’s Secret within days of buying it.  Too my dismay and irritation the sales clerk said they don’t do refunds on makeup. Hmm, nothing on the receipt says that and nowhere is that posted in the store.  I can return a bra or clothing no problem but makeup purchases are final with no refunds.

I won’t be buying Victoria’s Secret cosmetics again. Not worth the risk since I can’t return unsatisfactory makeup. I’ll stick to Sephora. I recently returned an eyeliner that performed poorly with no problems or questions from the sales clerk.

Victoria’s Secret still has fantastic bras and I’ll keep shopping there I just won’t be buying anymore of their cosmetics because of the no return policy.

Here are some swatches of lipstick mixtinis I’ve recently mixed up. I haven’t tested out my new lipstick mold yet. I’m a little nervous about using it for some reason. I’ve been sticking with my lip balm tubes and the pouring tray.

Of course the purple was my favorite but it came out with a bizarre texture. It was gloppy and melty like it hadn’t solidified. The main color came from an Icing’s brand that was really greasy and smelled funky nasty. I had to add a flavor oil and mix in other more matte lipsticks and still got this weird gloppy concoction. I decided to melt it down and add more beeswax.

Unfortunately now it’s a thick clumpy mess so I’ll try melting it down again with some more lipstick base. I love the color so much I’ll keep reformulating it until I get the right Makeuptini cocktail!

The top three colors are also good. But the two lower colors I’ll melt down to get a darker shade. I detest sheer lipstick.

Once I get other my fear of testing out my TKB mold I’ll post some lipstick mixtinis in the cool lipstick tubes that came with the Go-For-Broke Lipstick Kit.

I love the Autumn ad I saw in my September copy of Elle magazine:

I love the dark lips.  I really want to try it!

The commercial is retro fun! Take a look:

I found a mouth watering turquoise nail polish in the clearance bin at Sally’s Beauty a few weeks ago. It was China Glaze’s Towel Boy Toy polish for only $1.99 so I had to make it mine.   I also found Savvy’s Prince a La Charm a sheer turquoise with glitter for only $1.99. Score on the discounts!

I loved Towel Boy Toy but it came out semi-matte with just a hint of shine. I don’t like mattes so I wear it with a shiny top coat.  When I tried Prince a La Charm I found it to be too sheer so I decided to layer it over Towel Boy Toy.

Voila! Now I have the color I want! I have a passion for various shades of blue, specifically turquoise and teal shades.

How does it look to you? I think its happy, fun and a delight!

I was browsing through Sephora when I saw this awesome looking purple lipstick that reminded me of the 80’s.

It’s Rouge Artist Intense 15 by Make Up Forever. A vivid shimmery purple lipstick that screamed. “Buy me, love me, take me home!” Resistance was futile so I bought it immediately and took it home.

Once I tried it on I was a little disappointed. It’s not nearly as dark as it appeared in the store and on the back of my hand. It goes on very sheer and has a rough, lumpy texture. But I still liked the color.  You can see the photo below for its sheerness.

I tried it afterward lining my whole lips with Hot Topic’s Purple lip liner. I didn’t take a picture of that.  It still wasn’t exactly what I wanted so I added a purple lipstick mixtini I made to it and it finally popped and looked like the color I thought I had purchased. I’ll have to take a photo of me wearing the combination of the two colors.

Below is my Makeuptini mixtini – my lipstick melt mixture with added pigment to get the purple shade I wanted.

Which color is better?  MUFE or mine mixtini? I like to combine them but can wear my mixtini alone.

I found the Go-For-Broke Lipstick Kit on TKB Trading’s website and had to have it! Its fantastic. You can see it below:

The kit comes with an uncolored base tub:

The kit comes with 16 lipsitck tubes:

Above are the silver and rose tubes. Very pretty.

My favorite are the red tubes. Very luxurious looking and they remind me of Elizabeth Arden lipstick  tubes.

The kit inlcudes three basic color micas: red, black, and gold.  You get to pick three colors for a lipstick base.  I chose Cupcake, Bonjour and Wild Cat. Also included is a special periwinkle blue mica used in an EnKore Makeup’s Beauty Kitchen video by Koren Zander in a special lippie for his sister.

Also included are liquid colorants, tools, melting cups and a lipstick mold (not pictured since I forgot to photograph it.)

Lipstick mold release is also included. Its the clear liquid.

There are even lids for the melting cups. Cool.  I usually use medicine cups I order on Amazon.

It came within a few days of ordering! Instructions and recipes were included. There is even a link of two different lipstick color recipe books available on the TKB Trading website.

I haven’t tried to create any makeuptini lipsticks yet but I’m looking forward to it. Its so exciting having the kit! I’m in love. I  hope the mold is easy to use.

I was in love with and used to using the pink bottle of Hydra TLC Sunsilk  24/7 crème. But then I couldn’t find it in the stores anywhere so I sadly started trying other products with minimal success taming my wild curls.

It took me a while but I finally decided to do an internet search to find out what happened to my favorite hair crème. I kept assuming it was a production issue and soon it would be back in the stores. What I found was that Sunsilk reformulated their products, made the product line smaller and added a famous name to the product.

Hmm, I was worried what would happen when I tried the new version. Finally the stores had it in stock and I even had a two for one coupon! I bought the new Hydra TLC and the Captivating Curls crèmes.

Since I hadn’t tried it before I wanted to test out the Captivating Curls Sunsilk. I loved it! It kept my curls tames and with a playful bouncy spring in the curls.

I don’t love the new bottle. I think the purple/gray color is antiseptic and sterile. The triangular shape is terrible for getting the last bit of product out of the tube leaving wasted product at the bottom. I liked the old squeeze tube better. I could get the last drop of product out and didn’t have to hassle with the pump squirting out either too little or too much product.

Strangely the new formulation of the Hydra TLC is lacking. It didn’t work the same as the old pink bottle version. My damp hair dried fly away and frizzy looking like a giant cotton ball! Horrors! I’m stuck with a whole bottle of the stuff and it doesn’t work like the beloved old formulation.  I’ll stick to the Captivating Curls and avoid the TLC version for now. Sunsilk please, please fix the Hydra TLC – bring back the old formulation!

Fun look at back at 1930’s designers ideas of fashion in 2000.  Pretty interesting about guy’s clothes. Love the commentators “Oh Swish!” Listen for it. 😀

Here are a few more fun sites with great tips and tricks for the makeup and nail fanatic. Check them out and enjoy:

Zoffee – A gal from Denmark whose great at doing daring color looks. I think her day job is as  MAC makeup counter sales person.

Queen of Blending MUA – More striking colors and outrageous makeup looks. Her tutorial videos are fun to watch.

Nails Magazine – They have a specific section just  about nail art. Tips and tricks. Wild stuff for people who love to do extreme nail designs.

Makeup4All Great site about all the lastest news in cosmetics. Marina is the gal behind the blog.  Be sure to download her beauty magazine too!

Variations on blue, turquoise and teal nail polish get my attention. I got new polishes when I was in Bakersfield. Some are from Icings and some from Hot Topic.

The Hot Topic polishes my favorites! The purple one is especially awesome. It’s a dark purple with this pinkish purple speckles in it that gleam in the light. The color reminds me of Prince’s Purple Rain video where he wore the sparkly purple jacket.

One of the Icing polishes is a matte which I didn’t notice or I wouldn’t have bought it. I don’t like mattes. I prefer a finish so glossy it looks like the polish is still wet. But it was such an awesome looking teal I didn’t notice the word “matte” on the bottle.  Its called Chase Me. I did and now I have a matte teal that needs gloss!

Ironically the Hot Topic blues are also mattes.  They were not labeled. Here is a photo of the sky blue matte Hot Topic polish. No name on the bottle but I’m calling it Baby Blue Me. Love it even if it is a matte. Want to try it with a clear gloss but I’m leaning toward doing a French manicure with the darker Hot Topic blue.

Help support My entry,  Mix your own lipstick cocktail!, in Create Your Opportunity Contest.

I’m trying to win money to create my own cosmetic line and makeuptini lipstick kits. Please vote ASAP!

I chose Makeuptini!


The funky skull and cross bones logo makes me think their colors are too dangerous for wimpy chicks. 😀 I love outrageous colors and whenever I see a Hot Topic store I buy lots of stuff.

Sadly there isn’t a Hot Topic in my area so I get to the store about once a year. I know there is an online store but I like to see the colors in person and ask the sale reps about the colors.

I ended up buying two color palettes for only $4.99 each. I figured the price was low enough even if the shadows didn’t turn out the best it wouldn’t be a waste of money. I love both palettes but can’t give you a name. There wasn’t one on the packaging or the actual eyeshadow case.

I’m calling this one Tangy Rainbow! It has five of my favorite colors to use for eyeshadow looks. The only color that was disappointing was the green. Even with an eye primer the color went on lightly and faded immediately. The yellow is bright, the turquoise dazzling and my favorite shade of hot pink.  Like the purple color too I just wish it was a slightly deeper pigment.

Deadly Reds that’s what I’m calling the palette of five red shades. Each one is different enough my fear of buying five shades of red disappeared.  I like to use them in my crease area.

The shadows last longer with an eye primer but still don’t have the staying power of Ben Nye shadows.

I’ll have to create swatches of the colors and post some looks I did with them. I really need a better camera. Mine is old and moody! Its hard to take any decent photos with it.

But if you want some fun, affordable colors check out Hot Topic.

I’m a makeup lover and germaphobe.  Part of being beautiful is staying healthy. One way to keep healthy is to keep your hands clean of germs. Check out this cute video done by a local hospital in my town.

If you’re going to be in London on June 9th you can enter  a casting call for Illamasqua’s Fall/Winter 2010 campaign.  Apply and upload a photo at Illamasqua.

Be sure to let me know if you get chosen! I’ll post your photo on Makeuptini’s blog. 🙂

I love Zoffe’s blog and her videos are very informative.  If you want to learn how to do a Neon Green eyeshadow look watch her 10 minute video.  Its well worth your time.  I even want to try the OCC Lip Tar she used.

I had a coupon from All You magazine for about $2 or $3 off a Rimmel lipstick at Walmart.  I’d bee curious about Rimmel London lipstick so I decided to give it a try with this coupon.

The packaging of the Moisture Renew Lipstick was attractive. A bright purple plastic tube that looked a little luxe and lots of fun. It looks better in person; the photo makes it look cheap.  I was very excited to get a new lipstick and finally try Rimmel.

I can’t remember the name of the color except it started with a “B” either Berry something or Burgundy.  I was looking for a purple/wine color.

I noticed two things when I applied it. One, a noxious smell came from the tube. I don’t think it was a bad lipstick just the natural odor.  Too me it smelled like motor oil.  So my lips had an annoying odor that drove me crazy.  Two, I noticed it was very moist which made the color a little more sheer than I would like.  I like deeply pigmented lip colors and hate sheer tints with a passion.

Well, I could’ve lived with the lighter color and moistness. It wasn’t too sheer and gave good coverage but the smell! I wore it for about an hour and then I had to rub it off and apply a different lipstick.  The fragrance of the lipstick was too petroleum, motor oil stink to me.  I’m very sensitive to fragrances. The scent was over powering and I couldn’t concentrate with it invading my nostrils.

I thought maybe I could salvage the lipstick if I melted it into a mixtini and use one of my fragrance oils. I buy scented fragrance oils for lip products online. I thought if I put enough drops the nasty smell would disappear.

I also wanted to add in a darker matte lipstick too the Rimmel mixtini so it would be darker and less moist. Unfortunately the odor of the original Rimmel lipstick was so strong the sweet candy fragrance I added did nothing to mask it. I ended up tossing the failed mixtini in the garbage.

I won’t be trying Rimmel lipstick again. I’m not sure if it’s just the Moisture Renew Lipstick that smells so noxious but I don’t want to waste my money finding out with the other lipstick products.

Need ideas to create your own makeuptini looks? Check out these three sites for endless ideas.

Zoffee – A gal from Denmark whose great at doing daring color looks. I think her day job is as  MAC makeup counter sales person.

MUBlending Queen – More striking colors and outrageous makeup looks. Her tutorial videos are fun to watch.

Makeup4All – Great site about all the latest news in cosmetics. Marina is the gal behind the blog.  Be sure to download her beauty magazine too!

Now that Summer is fast approaching it seems like we get daily reminders about the dangers of skin cancer and the need for daily sunscreen.  Browsing through a local drugstore I came across Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Everyday Protection Body Lotion SPF 15.

I love Eucerin’s  Sensitive Skin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30. I do use it everyday. It works great, isn’t to gooey or greasy.  It’s a skin lotion that protects my skin and doesn’t cause my face to break out or develop skin irritation.

This is a great everyday cream when you’re on a budget. Depending on where you go and if its on sale the price is $8-$12. Of course every so often I like to splurge on fancier face creams but Eucerin is a stand-by cream that never disappoints.

When I saw the Eucerin body lotion I was eager to try it. I don’t like applying regular sunscreens. They are usually too goopy, thick, and smelly.  Everyday Body Lotion doesn’t feel thick like sunscreen and is easy to apply.

No icky sunscreen stink either. Eucerin has a soft barely noticeable lotion scent which is good for me because strong fragrances give me headaches.  I don’t want to smell like a giant stick of sun block.

I want to smell pretty. 😀  I still like to use my Vanilla Lace moisturizer and occasionally ear it under Eucerin Protection lotion. Then I know I smell good and my skin is protected from too much of the bad UVA and UVB rays.

If you’re concerned about keeping your skin soft and smooth Eucerin products are worth a try.

If you want to try all natural nail polish check out  Piggy Paint.  Melanie Hurley developed the line so her kids could wear safe nail polish.

I haven’t tried the product yet but I’d like too.  And the colors are fun since they are for young girls. Bright colors with cute names. There’s even a Glow in the Dark nail polish!

I thought this polish might be good for anyone with chemical sensitivities. My sister is very sensitive to chemicals and can’t wear nail polish or use nail polish remover.  Maybe she can use this without any problems. Oh and there is a non-toxic nail polish remover too!

Check it out the non-toxic nail polish here: Piggy Paint.

Let me know how it works for you if you try the polish.

The container was  black plastic that was solid and expensive looking. Instead of the liners being in pans there were individual containers inside with lids. Very deluxe looking and it would keep the liners from drying out. I was impressed by the packaging.

It came with a small angled liner brush that worked great. The eyeliners went on soft and smooth on my skin. No clumping or tugging.

I found the Blue State color dull – it being a bluish gray color. It looked like dark blue in the pot but came on soft and faded looking. The Midnight Brown was a bold dark brown that I liked.  The Bronze cream was also too muted for me. I like deep vivid colors. The black was a dark solid black.

Unfortunately cream eyeliners don’t work well on my skin. I was hoping Smashbox’s liners would hold better but no luck. It was the same as any other cream liner I have tried.

My skin is oily so the liner eventually smears, smudges and makes its way down my eyes into my under eye area. Yuck! I looked like a sad clown by the end of day.

I won’t be using the eyeliners again. I’ll stick to liquid eyeliners and pencils for now. Maybe someday I’ll find a cream liner that my skin won’t destroy. 😀

Waaa! Not sure what’s going on but I keep getting cracks in my nails close to the skin which leaves me with a sad stump when I trim them down.

I’ve been taking calcium supplements so hopefully they’ll help my nails as well as my bones.  Don’t know what could be causing them to break so often but I have bumped a couple. Stress fractures I guess.

Why is it I don’t see the crack until after I put on new polish then I have to take it off and trim or glue the nail before it tears off?

I ordered LORAC Behind the Scenes Primer product after reading all the great reviews on Sephora. I’ve used it several times and feel conflicted about it. It keeps the eyeshadow on my eyelid for hours and hours. It smooths on easily with good even coverage. It doesn’t irritate or dry out my skin either.

When I use it under my eye I notice that my eyeshadow and eyeliner smear and move down my skin quicker than when I use Urban Decay’s  Eyeshadow  Primer  Potion or Smashbox’s Photo Finish Lid Primer.

My sister recommended Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion and I loved how it gave my eyeshadow staying power.  Sadly it irritates my skin terribly. My eyelid gets puffy and cracked looking and then peels like I have a chemical burn. I’d have to put hydrocortisone cream on my eyelids at night and they’d still feel irritated and burned in the mornings. The skin irritation ended my use of Primer Potion.

After browsing through the local Sephora store I came across Smashbox’s Photo Finish Lid Primer. It works well but not as good as Urban Decay’s primer.  Happily, there is now skin irritation so I continue to use it and enjoy the reasonable staying power of my eyeshadow.

I was looking for something that would keep my eyeliner fresh under my eye which is why I decided to try LORAC Behind the Scenes Primer. It works better than the other two brands on my eyelid but worse on my under eye area than the other to products. At this point I’ll stick to using Smashbox’s Photo Finish Lid Primer until I find a better product.

What do you use to keep your eye makeup fresh?

Apparently the corners of my eyes are moist and I’m in a constant battle to keep my eyeliner from migrating down my face! GRRR!

I bought this with my Sephora Facebook15 discount.  I love the packaging. Elegant lux box and the sophisticated faux black rose. Very elegant. Even faux leather cover on the palette is attractive.

The kit came with a black eyeliner pencil. It’s very creamy and glides on softly, no tugging on my eyelids.  I’d rather have brown or blue eyeliner. Black looks stark on my light skin.

I’ve worn the colors twice and I’m not feeling it. I look better with browns that have a rose undertone. No rose in these browns. The crease color specifically is just too dark.

Maybe it’s because I have brown eyes and brown hair and pale skin  but the colors don’t enhance my looks.  I look washed out and tired.  My quest for the right brown tone color palette continues. *sigh*

I’m not feeling this new nail color trend toward “griege” those grayish – beige colors. Why would anyone want to paint their nails the color of wet cement? The colors are dull and bland.  I want to yawn when I see photos of or people wearing “griege” nail polish.

“Griege” does not flatter my skin tone. I don’t like gray polish or beige polish because they wash me out and make it look like I’ve got some disease and my fingers are dying. Mixing the two colors adds to the yuck that’s gross factor. “Griege” is definitely not on my wish list of polish colors to buy.

And “griege” reminds me too much of the frumpy blazers my 76 year old grandmother wears. Sorry but I don’t want to look like an elderly grandma.

Enjoy your “griege” phase while it lasts but I’m opting out. I’ll stick to vivid bright polish colors like hot pink, sky blue, metallic blue, lime green and sparkly reds.  I have no plans to walk around with cement colored nails.

Troublesome Teal Duo

I was trying to do a quick polish of my nails. I used two different shades of teal on alternating nails. Turns out on is more green and the other more blue.  And I like the teal blue better. I did one coat and sprayed with nail dryer and waited for my nails to try so I could do a second coat. As usual I got impatient and decided to get up and do something.

Unfortunately I hadn’t screwed the cap on the nail polish tightly because when I accidentally bumped the polish it went somersaulting in the air and landed brush and bottle in separate locations. Horrors, I had teal blue polish splattered on the CARPET like an alien blood stain. In a noticeable location where guest are sure to see it when they’re in my living room.  ARGH!

After picking up the nail polish – of course it was my favorite Savvy teal blue that spilled – I rushed to the bathroom for cotton swabs and nail polish remover.  Rapidly dabbing the spilled polish with remover soaked swabs I tried to remove the stain.

It wasn’t helping and as I bent over the stains with an open bottle of nail polish remover liquid started spilling onto the carpet. I was so glad it was non-acetone remover in case the carpet was damaged along with being stained. I get clumsy when I panic hence the spilled nail polish remover.

Well the stain wasn’t coming up so I used carpet cleaner on it. No luck with that either. So I gave up.

Savvy stains...Bummer!

But that wasn’t an end to my nail polish spillage nightmare. I’d forgotten about the other nail polish bottle with its loose cap.  I ended up bumping that too and now have an ugly streak of Basic teal green polish on the carpet. WAAAA! I bought Basic in Berlin last summer.

Basic stain 😦

Ok so if you have experience removing polish from carpet please leave a comment and help me out.

I was surprised to read in Allure magazines April issue that Evening Primrose Oil is one of five supplements that improve your skin.

According to the article it has Omega 6 fatty acids and helps your skin make ceramides to hold onto water more effectively. Sounds like a good added benefit since I take if primarily for PMS.  Didn’t know I was helping my skin too.

I started taking Evening Primrose Oil f at the recommendation of the nurse at my doctor’s office. It works great for my PMS symptoms.  When I read the Allure article on the additional benefits I was glad to find a beauty benefit to the supplement.

Be sure to check with your physician before taking this or any other supplements.

I love Sexy Hair products. I’ve tried a couple of their shampoos and a conditioner. My shower is currently full of these products.

Silky Sexy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner (not shown)

My favorite of the Sexy Hair product line.  The shampoo leaves my hair soft and the smell is yummy. The conditioner adds to the softness of my hair making it easier to style. The scent reminds me of the pineapple/banana baby juice I used to beg my Mom for when my sister was a baby and I was too old for baby foods.

Healthy Sexy Hair Pumpkin Detoxifying Shampoo

Smells like Pumpkin pie and keeps my hair healthy and clean. Good for daily use. I got the 33.8 oz size at Marshalls for $9.99!  I love a great bargain.

Straight Sexy Hair

My least favorite scent but it keeps my hair soft and helps straighten out the frizz. I have naturally curly hair that tends toward frizz. I think I dislike the scent because it is perfumey and not at all food oriented like the other two shampoos. 😀

Which Sexy Hair products have you tried? Leave a comment

I really wanted the Benefit To Go Beauty Bestsellers that was on special for $10.00.  I kept debating on whether to order it or not and then I found Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer travel size also on sale so I was hooked.  I couldn’t resist.

Add to that I got my Beauty Insider gift and the Skin Care Challenge Sample bag. And of course the usual 3 free samples. I like the custom Sephora baggie with black stripes that holds the samples.

I’m still trying out the Benefit items so I’ll do a review post later. And with 12+ skin care samples I do more posts on those once I use them all.

I did try the Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion sample.  It left my skin smooth and soft but not as soft at Bliss’ Youth As We Know It. Overall I did enjoy it but at $33.00 for 1.7 oz  I won’t be adding it to my daily skin care routine.

Attention all Sephora shoppers:  Special Sale for Beauty Insiders.

Hurry up if you haven’t already seen it already  the sale ends on April 19th.  Its good for in stores and online.  There’s a 15% off discount for your total order! Thousands of products available at an unheard of discount! Stock up now.

I ignored my budget and got my 15% off! 😀 Oh and it even applies to buying the Weekly Specials. Those specials have me ordering too much stuff! But the deals are hard to pass up!

You can sign up on the website to become a Beauty Insider if you aren’t one already.  Oh and I found out about this discount on Facebook so be sure to become  a Sephora fan to find out about any future sales.

Woo Hoo! Never enough makeup to add to my makeuptini recipes.

I’ve seen eyeshadow sets in stores and read an article in Allure about sets of colors for specific eye color.

Well, I’m not buying into this idea. Anybody else wondering if it’s just some marketing gimmick directed at women who don’t know how to choose eyeshadow colors or are afraid to experiment with color?

First I think hair color and skin tone also come into play not just eye color. Second, I have brown eyes and the recommended colors are varying shades of silver and gray which look like crap on me.

I have dark hair and light skin and silver shadows make me look sickly not sultry like the article I read claimed.  I like the colors in the eye shadow pans in the photo but on me they look awful.

And I’ve seen eyeshadow sets with dark purples that make me look like I have a black eye. I like soft light purples and fuchsias but eggplant colors make me look like a losing boxer.

Why give myself a black eye with bad eyeshadow colors?

Plus you get conflicting advice. I’ve read in various magazines that using the same color eyeshadow as your eyes is not a good idea.  Yet the sets I’ve seen in stores for blue eyes are blue shadows and green shadows for green eyes. What gives?

One thing I did agree with in the article was that teal colors look good with brown eyes. I use lots of teal colors but haven’t seen them in eyeshadow sets for brown eyes.

Personally, I’m not afraid to experiment with a rainbow of colors and I won’t let a cosmetic company decide which colors I should mix together because of the color of my eyes.  I consider the whole package: skin tone, hair color and eye color to create a flattering look. That’s what mixing your own makeup cocktail is all about – finding what works for you.

I kept hearing how great EcoTools brushes are and how good for the environment so I finally got some.  Got a deal too, there was a 2 for 1 sale but since I got the last set I got if half off! Yippee! I’m a major bargain hunter so this made the purchase even better.

Here’s what the packaging says about the tools:

This earth-friendly brush set is packed with the 4 high-quality brushes you need to look beautiful. And, it shows respect for the planet:
• Bamboo handle has a low impact on the earth’s resources as it is a highly sustainable plant.
• Synthetic taklon bristles are 100% cruelty free.
• Sleek ferrule is made from recycled aluminum.
• Cosmetic case is made from natural cotton and hemp

The bamboo handles are attractive. Easy to find in my makeup box with all the black handled brushes I have to sort through. Cute little bag to carry them in too but I’ll probably use it for something else.

Now, I’ve been using them for the last two weeks and I love them. The bristles are soft and blend well. The two eyeshadow brushes are my favorites and I’ve been using them instead of my other brushes. They seem to smooth on the shadow so easily and softly its fun to keep packing on the color.

I want to buy more since the set I bought is really for mineral makeup but I’ve been using it with all my regular stuff. I like the blush brush and the powder brush too. Seems like the brush sweeps on just the right amount of blush onto my cheeks.

I’ll have to keep an eye out for another sale and get them quick since they sell out fast. Get your own set and let me know how you like them.

I want to try this eye look but I’m not too good at drawing lines. Typing either since I keep spelling words wrong. I must be tired and my keyboard is old. I’ve used it too much over the years. 🙂

I love the fish tail eyeliner look. Check out this cool 7 minute video by Michelle Phan:

If  I ever do it right I’ll post a photo of my version. 🙂

I swatched the colors I’ve mentioned in previous posts.  Three Sally Hansen Lacquer Shines and  an  18 hour Lip Treatment in this photo.

Swatches and glimpse of my nails.

Color swatches in order: Poppy, Orchid, 18 hr Lip Treatment (No color name listed)  and Jasmine. The lip treatment is very sheer with faint sparkles and its  really sticky.  Not crazy about it but for a dollar it was not a bad purchase. I love the Lacquer Shines. Thick glosses that can be worn alone but I generally wear a dab over my lipstick.  I’m a lipstick girl.

Today I found a new color – Lilly looks purple/eggplant –  will swatch later. Also saw a Ginger color which looked sort of frosty beige – too pale and boring so I didn’t buy it.

I did see another Orchid so I added a second one to my collection. Its my favorite so far but I do like Poppy. Unfortunately I don’t wear a lot of red lipstick so Poppy doesn’t get a lot of use but it’s a gorgeous color.

Alternate Photo of Swatches

Oh, and I bought some cool hot pink lipsticks by Aziza to melt into mixtinis since the colors are nice but too sheer for me. I’ll add some matte lipsticks and make a new better version of the colors I got today.  Hooray for discount dollar stores!


Today’s post isn’t about Makeup but my other passion. I have a huge sweet tooth. I love chocolate and most candies.  I did drink a chocolate martini once so maybe in my deep subconscious that helped me choose makeuptini as the name of my blog.

I was running errands one afternoon and I wanted a snack since it would be an hour before I would eat lunch. I stopped at the grocery store to buy a banana and just had to stop in the candy aisle before getting my banana.

Looking at all the candy I was checking out the sales and I saw that M&M’s Premiums were on clearance for only $1.89 when there usually about $3.99 or more.  Score, I love a bargain so I bought a box of the Triple Chocolate.  I did think of buying the Mint or Double Chocolate Almond but the Triple Chocolate sounded intriguing.

In case you’re wondering I did buy the banana and ate that for my snack. I had the chocolate later. I wanted to really enjoy it and not eat it in a rush while I finished my errands.

Boy, I was right to wait. The Triple Chocolate Premium M&Ms are scrumptious. I wasn’t sure they taste that great but I was very wrong. The package reads “Truly tempting layers of milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. A delightful chocolate gem with a colorful outside and a rich scrumptious inside. When white chocolate, milk chocolate and rich dark chocolate mingle…the fun starts here!”

Very tempting and fun in my opinion!  I ate almost the whole 6 ounce box in one evening!  The next day I went back to the grocery store to buy more! I have restrained myself with these two boxes and just barely opened one box and am saving the other box.

Oh, and they don’t have the classic M&M candy shell. These chocolates are shaped like large M&M’s but the color is directly on the chocolate so when you bite into it you hit pure yummy chocolate. Ummmm!  The chocolates are so smooth, rich, creamy and sweet. They are almost addictive.  Unlike any other M&M brand chocolate I’ve eaten.

The Triple Chocolate is definitely worth the full price even though I got them on sale.  The box is very attractive to in shades of fuchsia, purple and brown.

Grab yourself a box and enjoy while watching this cool nail art video I found on YouTube.  The woman is talented.

I love mint scented products. They are so refreshing and uplifting. Mint makes me feel like good things are on the horizon.

C.O. Bigelow Mentha line of products has real peppermint oil and will keep you invigorated.

Mentha Vitamin Bodywash will really wake you up during your morning shower.  I like to use it if I’m feeling sluggish and need to get motivated.  The minty scent energizes me.

I’ve also tried the Mentha Shampoo and Conditioner. Outside of the invigorating scent I wasn’t impressed. It does make your scalp tingle but stings if it gets in your eyes. Minty eyeballs are not my thing. LOL. Both are mediocre cleansing and conditioning products for the price. I wouldn’t buy them again unless there was a special sale price like two for one.

Mentha Lip Care Products:

SPF 15 Mentha Lip Balm (No Shine Formula) is an absolute must have. I wear this to bed at night and underneath my lipstick when I put my makeup on for the day. It’s not sticky or waxy and has a subtle fresh mint scent. I have 3 tubes in my apartment. I even used an old tube in a lipstick mixtini.

Mentha Lip Shines – I mostly wear these at night after I’ve washed my face and am just relaxing at home.  But I really like them

Mentha Spearmint – softer sweeter mint that I really like

Ultra Mentha – Strong mint that’s invigoration

Cinnamint – Not my favorite but different. Cinnamon isn’t big on my list of flavors.

Mentha Lip Buffer Gentle Formula – keep your lips baby smooth. Buffs off the rough skin which reminds me I need to buff my lips soon.

When I was a little girl I loved getting those small white peppermint candies with the red stripes.  Finding those in Mom’s handbag was a treat when I had no candy. It was like finding treasure!  And Grandma had a mint plant and we’d brew mint tea with the leaves. Mint has always been a great scent and flavor for me and the Mentha line evokes great memories.  Enjoy.

When I was a young girl I loved buying Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. I had a whole collection of flavors.

My favorite was my super sized Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker. It had a slight tint but not so dark my Mother would complain that it was too much like lipstick. And it smelled like the real Dr. Pepper soda.  Not like the 7Up flavor which didn’t smell like the real soda at all. I remember sitting in the back seat of the family car just smelling the open lip balm tube of Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker.

Sunday, as I browsed the makeup aisle I saw all the Lip Smackers. I haven’t bought one in years since I stick to mostly lipstick now. But one caught my eye.

The package read 100% Natural and it was Pink Guava flavor. It also contains Olive Oil, Aloe, Vitamin E, Beeswax and Pure Fruit Essence.  I like guavas and thought how cool to have a lip balm flavored and scented like one.

Well, the Lip Smacker did not live up to the packaging. The scent was very faint. Application was greasy/oily, not pleasant at all. And then there was the taste of the balm. It was flavorless and just tasted like I had olive oil on my lips. Ugh. Not evoking any sweet childhood memories

The 100% Natural Lip Smacker was such a disappointment.  I was going to use it as a night time lip balm so I could drift of to sleep dreaming of tropical islands full of guava trees.

Now it will just sit unused on my counter until I feel enough time has passed and I can toss it in the trash. I don’t think I can even use it to melt down into a mixitini lipstick. It’s just too oily it will make my lipsticks too sheer when I like them creamy.

Hardly the best $1.86 I’ve spent in a while.  At least it didn’t add calories to my diet. 🙂

I was returning a purchase at Ross when I found this lovely handbag. Something about the color just called my name. The bag is a little big for me but it kept saying “Buy me, buy, and take me home”.

I was smitten and immediately went to the cashier and paid for it. I was so excited I changed purses as soon as I got home. And it was only $12.99. I love Ross prices.

I think the black handles give it a posh touch. I love the rounded square pattern. The whole bag is stylishly upscale. I usually go for quirky so this makes a nice change. I feel like I should dress up when I use it.

The front has a nice small pocket and there are two small pockets inside just big enough to hold my hand sanitizer and cell phone. Plus the typical zip pocket on the inside where I usually stash mints, candy, wipes or soap leaves.  Oh and the interior is black fabric which should hide makeup stains nicely. *smile*

Do you have trouble finding just the right handbag? I do. Currently I have several purses in my closet that I started out in love with but ended up detesting after day to day usage.

Why is it that a purse ends up too small or too big or the opening is too narrow and you can’t dig through it easily? I keep thinking that I’d love to design my ideal purse that is made for a busy woman on the go. Some purses seem like no thought to woman’s daily life was put into the design. Beautiful but not functional.

I hate purses with metal zippers. Especially bags with zippers on the outside – where they can snag my clothes, hose or nails. Once my nail caught on the metal zipper and tore the nail so bad I had to clip it off. Grrr! So no more metal zippers.

For now this new Nine and Co by Nine West bag is perfect. Until the next bag I see that calls my name. Something about the color of this bag just makes me happy. Maybe because it’s my favorite lipstick color and the color of yummy sherbet popsicles in my fridge.

I have combination skin. A really weird combination where it’s oily in my T-zone and yet I can have a dry patch of peeling skin even on top of a zit. It’s so bizarre.  By the end of the day my face makeup has an all over shine of oil on it.

I hate that but it does help keep the wrinkles at bay. Both my grandmothers have reasonably good skin with minimal wrinkles for being in their 70’s. Some day I’ll be an elderly broad with few wrinkles on my face. Cool. 🙂

But for now the oily face with dry patches is irritating.  I use 18 hour face makeup and 16 hour powder which help but sometimes I look like a cakey oily face at days end. I usually reapply my makeup in the evening if I’m going out again after a busy day. The evenings when I’m home I just wash it all off apply moisturizer and let my skin breathe.  The dry patches get hydrocortisone cream on them at night before bed time.

One product I’ve found that works wonders for my oil slick /cakey makeup face is Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I saw it at Sephora a few years ago and always wondered if it worked but the price stopped me from trying it. It’s about $30 for a full size. Too much money in case I didn’t like it. Well at some point I earned a Sephora treat and they gave me a mini size sample of Photo Finish.

Wow! Does it work! I put it on after my moisturizer and then my face makeup. It keeps my face smooth with a “Finished” look that I’ve never been able to accomplish on my own with any other product. And at the end of the day my face has a glow instead of the oily layer look.

Unfortunately, I’m often in a hurry, running late so I forget to put Photo Finish on my face. But when I remember, Woo Hoo, look out! I’m ready for unexpected photo ops and feel great looking all day. (Not that my lifestyle often has any photo ops in it. Unless its family events. LOL.)  Smashbox’s Photo Finish adds a chic look-like-a-model feel to my makeup look  that I’m ready for a camera just in case one appears.

But that’s not all. Photo Finish makes my skin feel extra soft and smooth. When I accidentally brush my cheek I pause and stroke it again it feels so silky I’m amazed. No feeling rough spots or pimple bumps just smooth and even. I fall back in love with my skin when I’m wearing Photo Finish.

Today,  I even used it around my mouth to prevent my lipstick from feathering. It seemed to work. I’ll blog about it later after I test some other lipsticks and stronger colors like red.

If you want to test out Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer, you can buy the travel size below at a more reasonable price. I use the original that is clear but there are several versions to help with complexion needs.   Here’s what the travel size looks like:

Travel Size

I love Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace Secret Garden fragrance and body products. You may have read about my sensitivity to fragrances and how this scent is ideal for me in Smell Scrumptious Not Stinky.

I got a $10 off purchase gift card from Victoria’s Secret in the mail.  I have more than enough uplifting bras so I planned to by beauty products instead.

Entering the Victoria’s Secret store I was dazzled by all the ultra feminine lingerie and beauty products. I debated whether to buy eyeshadow or lipstick but realized I’d get more bang for my buck if I stocked up on my favorite Vanilla Lace Products.

I only had one shower gel left and my body butter is just about empty.  With their already priced buy 7 for $35 I decided to restock my bath supplies.  I had a tough time choosing which products to get multiples of with my discount but it was a fun time choosing.

What did I buy? Here’s the list:

3 Exhilarating Body Washes

2 Rehydrating Body Lotions

1 Ultra Softening Body Butter

1 Refreshing Body Spray

1 Ultra Moisturizing Hand and Body Cream

Are you wondering why 8 products are listed? Well, when I went to pay the sales person mentioned with 7 you get an additional product free! That brings my beauty bargain up to 8 Secret Garden products.

I dithered over what to buy as number eight and settled on the Moisturizing Hand and Body Cream.  Now I think I should’ve picked another body wash but I’m happy with my selection. WOO HOO!

A total of eight Vanilla Lace products for only $25.00! (Sales tax added $2.19 to my total.) This comes out to about $3.13 per product when the prices usually range from $8.50 – $10.00 each! What a steal of a deal!

I love getting great deals on beauty products. Actually I love to get great deals on anything I buy: food, clothes, cosmetics, books, any product I need.  All to make my money stretch as far as possible.

Check out my cache of Vanilla Lace here along with the fab VS bag. Its so fun walking around doing the rest of my shopping with it dangling from my arm. Unfortunately all the products I bought made the bag unpleasantly heavy but well worth the effort to lug it back to my car. 🙂

Love Vanilla Lace & VS bag!

I posted about my Eye Shadow Beauty Bargain Giovi USA and I’m ready to report extended results. I’ve worn the shadows at least 7 times.  The first 3 times I wasn’t sure if it was my pollen allergies or the eyeshadow but the subsequent times lead me to believe it’s the eyeshadow.

It’s an unusual reaction for me. I don’t recall ever being allergic to eyeshadow before. This Giovi eyeshadow palette makes the skin of my eyelids burn and my eyes itch.

When I remove the make up the skin on my eyelid looks puffy and irritated.  My pollen allergies mainly make my eyes dry and itchy. This subtle burning sensation is new and not worth wearing the shadow again.

I’m glad I figured it out because Giovi USA had a new eyeshadow set at CVS and I considered buying it. Now I know that my skin at least, is sensitive to it.

It’s a bummer about the allergic reaction of the eyeshadow on my eyes. I got rid of the palette. No more Makeuptinis with this shadow. Its a makeuptoss(e).  I’m off to wash the irritating eyeshadow off now. And put some hydorcoritsone cream on to soothe my eyelids.

Help! My eyes have wretched dark circles because of my allergies. Spring is here along with all the beautiful flowers and their toxic pollens. I love seeing flowers bloom but breathing in pollen is another issue.

Its bad enough I run through boxes tissue and have to take antihistamines and decongestants.  Now I have to hide the purple bags under my eyes.  I’ve tried various under eye concealer products and haven’t been impressed with the results.

Allure magazine has an article in their April issue about how to cover them up. Does anyone else feel like beauty magazines often give conflicting makeup advice? Some say use stick concealers, other say use liquid. Now I’m reading use a pot or tube of concealer. Sigh, what’s the deal?

What have you found most successful?  It’s such a bummer when I have my eyeshadow on just right and yet my unsightly bags refuse to be hidden.

Its hard to feel beautiful when the under eye circles make me look exhausted and old.  I’m off to take my next dose of allergy medication. Let me know what you use so I can cover my bags and not feel like I have two suitcases under my eyes.

My lips with my mixtini creation

If you read Lipsticks Stirred Not Shaken Into Customized Makeuptinis, you’ve probably bee wondering what one of my of my customized lipstick melts look like. Here is one of my lipstick makeover mixtinis. I love this color. Sorry I can’t tell you which lipstick mistakes went into making this fabulous color but it turned out well.

I don’t usually keep track of what colors go into each mixtini. The resulting mixtini lipstick is usually a one of kind color and about half the time I don’t like the resulting color. The ones I don’t like end up recycled into new mixtinis.

If you like sometime I can make notes of which colors and brands go into a mixtini. Maybe if I’m feeling techie enough I’ll make a video or at least take photos.

It’s tough once the mixture comes out of the microwave. It hardens quickly so I have to pour it fast which will hinder photographs but maybe video will catch it all.

I use a Rose Plum lip liner by VIP Cosmetics with this mixtini. Unfortunately they stopped making Rose Plum at VIP and it’s my favorite lip liner. It goes with a lot of lip colors.  I only have two pencils and both are down to about one fourth the original pencil sizes.  It will be a sad day for me when they run down to unusable nubs.

The color may not look especially unique to you but with my skin tone and my specific needs regarding texture, color, etc. this turned into the kind of color I want to buy first time around. It would be nice to buy the right color and texture up front but that rarely happens for me so “Voila!” my own lipstick mixtinis to complement my makeuptini looks.

If you want to make your own mixtini lipsticks check out this previous post: Give Your Lipstick an Extreme Makeover! Let me know how your lipstick makeovers go.

I hit a makeup jackpot at the Dollar Tree recently. I went to two different stores in different nearby towns as I was driving home from a visit with my Mom. I usually check in just to see what makeup is available on my 40 minute drive home.

Not sure why but the Dollar Tree in my town has a poor selection of makeup. They don’t seem to get all the good brands like the other stores in my county. Seems to me they get all they yucky cheap stuff while the other stores get good brands.


Ten Lipsticks. Yes 10 and only a dollar each. Woo hoo! Too many colors names to type, but from several color families: red, wine, pink, neutral, soft brown.

I also got one Maybelline lipstick in Cranberry Crush. It worked great for mixing my own personal makeuptini lipsticks so I plan on using this one for my next melt down mix up session.

Lip Lacquers and 18 Hr Lip Treatment

Lacquer Shines and 18hr Lip Treatment

Sally Hansen

One 18 Hour Lip Treatment – (According to Sally Hansen) “Time-Release Moisturizing Formula Lasts up to 18 Hours! Time-release formula delivers superior moisturization hour after hour. Lips look and feel revitalized, smooth and healthy for up to 18 hours!”

Three Lacquer Shines – Two in Poppy and one in Jasmine. Same yummy scent as the Orchid I mentioned in a previous post read about it here Beauty Treasure

Two Collagen Lip Lifts – Sheer Peaceful Plum and Sheer Soothing Spice – Too sheer for me I like full creamy coverage. They’ll work great for melting lip mixtinis.

LA Colors Nail Polish

LA Colors Nail Polish

Five colors: Nuclear Energy – Bright Purple, Electrified – Glitter Pink, Phenomena – Bright Fuschia, Atomic – Teal green, Live – Silver glitter.

I’ve tried Nuclear Energy and Atomic. Both need 3 coats to be opaque. Unfortunately Atom stained my hands blue green so I had to rub really hard with polish remover to clean the color off my fingers.

Sally Hansen Lip Sheers and Cover Girl Gel Liners

Cover Girl Eyeslicks duo gel liners in neon pink and lilac. Hard to apply. I feel like I’m rubbing a crayon on my eyelids. Worry about tugging on my skin. It did work well as a base for my shadows. Helped my eye shadow stay on for hours.

I got over $100.00 worth of makeup for about $26! Awesome!  My best haul ever!

A lot of the lipstick will probably end up melted into my personal makeuptinis. I’m excited to see what I can mix up. I’ll let you know what mixtinis I create in future posts.

Post your best makeup bargains in the comments section.

Have you ever had a makeup application mishap? The other day I was applying may face makeup L’Oreal Infallible Advanced Never Fail Makeup. It has a squeeze pump applicator that gets clogged easily. Otherwise I love the makeup.

It lasts all day and my face is combination oily/dry and so I can look all greasy by the end of the day with the wrong makeup. It has SPF 18 too! I like to make sure my face has enough sunscreen.  So that along with my face lotion which has an SPF 30 I should be ok against the suns rays.

Rotate True Match with Infallible

I use it almost daily; I rotate with L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup.  Doing my morning makeuptini application, I squeeze some on my makeup sponge and something goes awry.

I think it must’ve been squeezing past a clog and somehow I wasn’t pointing it directly at my sponge. Squirt, makeup shoots directly into my eye! YOW!  My eye feels icky and slightly painful mainly because of the impact of the makeup.

I pull out a hand mirror and see three blobs of flesh tone in my eye. Yuck, foundation in my eye! I’m trying to fish it out with my nail wondering if it’s going to irritate my eye. I didn’t want to have to use drops and ruin my eye shadow or wash my eye and reapply it all.  I didn’t really have time to redo my makeup.

Fortunately it didn’t cause serious irritation just felt a little strange for about 15 minutes. Like when you had stuff in your eye and got it out and then your eye feels dry and strange.

Several extra blinks later I felt normal and got on with my day.  That was one of the weirdest things to happen to my eye while applying makeup. I’ve had eye shadow in my eye and even the occasional eyeliner poke or mascara wand poke.  But never before had I mistakenly squirted face makeup into my poor eye.

Sorry eyeball. My bad.  I’ll be careful in the future.

Ok L’Oreal, great face makeup with your Infallible product, but do something about that easily clogged pump.  I’ve had issues with it squirting on my hands and clothes. The eyeball mishap was the strangest and a little scary.

I’m sharing some non-makeup related sites to add some fun to your weekend. I’ve enjoyed them all especially the ones that benefit our global community. Have a blast!

Book Crossing – Set your books loose into the wild

Description from their site: “BookCrossing is earth-friendly, and gives you a way to share your books, clear your shelves, and conserve precious resources at the same time. Through our own unique method of recycling reads, BookCrossers give life to books. A book registered on BookCrossing is ready for adventure.”

You log in your books and tag them and then set them loose in a local hang out for someone else to find and read. Your books are assigned tracking numbers and when people log them in you can watch them travel. Its fun to set books free.

Free Rice

Feed people while having fun playing an educational game. For every answer you get right they donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help end hunger.

The first topic is English vocabulary but there are other subjects to choose from to play the game. The other subjects are Math, Chemistry, Geography, Art, and Foreign Language including Spanish, French, German and Italian.

Give your brain a workout! It’s a fun addictive game that helps feed the hungry. I’ve donated over 6000 grains of rice. Play here:

Phone Zoo

Personalized ringtones you can send to your phone as video/text files for only the cost of what your phone carrier charges for a text/video message. Phone Zoo doesn’t charge you anything. You can even upload ringtones you’ve made to share with others. I’ve downloaded music ringtones, TV themes and humor related ringtones. Its lots of fun setting up different ringtones that none of your friends have and all for no cost. Woo Hoo!

Internet Movie Database

You’ve probably found this site already but I wanted to share it with you just in case. You can find listings for current and upcoming movies. Lots of fun trailer videos to watch and reviews to read.  Also recaps of popular current TV shows, actor biographies and more.  You can look up local movie times by entering your zip code.

I like to read the recaps of my favorite TV shows in case I miss seeing them or just to enhance my viewing experience.

Sad news today for nail lovers. I broke the nail off my right middle finger.  I hit the car door wrong when I was closing it and it whacked my finger. The nail felt weird and when I looked at it I saw it had cracked. The kind of crack where the nail almost peeled off the finger but its hanging by a corner. Ouch! I decided to peel it all the way off so it wouldn’t snag on something and rip off.

The break happened all the way to the edge of my nail bed. I have a tiny portion of skin showing so it’s all sensitive. My finger even hurts a tiny bit as I type. It feels exposed.  WAAA!!!

Now I have one too short nail in the middle of all my other nails. Not that they look that great since lately I’ve been getting wretched cracks in my nails. And I’ve been trying to glue them until the cracked part grows out enough so I can clip it and file it out so I nails can grow out evenly.

It’s just so sad seeing my nubby looking middle finger among the fingers with nail growth. I was staring miserably down at it while waiting for the GOOGLE Make SLO Fast application to be submitted at City Hall.

Our city is trying to lure Google Fiber into our area for their high speed broadband internet testing.  The event went well and I even ended up in a distant shot on the TV news clip.

Viewing the damage after removing my electric blue nail polish made my finger throb all over again with remembered pain.  Filing my broken nail smooth was just sad.  I know the nail will eventually grow out but it will be an eye sore until it grows out.

What are your broken nail sob stories? Share them so we can feel blue together.

Have you tried any Bliss Products?  I tried The Youth as We Know It Skin care kit.  I was amazed at the results.

The products made my face soft and smooth like my favorite little two year old buddy’s face. (He’s a friend of mine’s kid and a cutie.) My skin looked and felt good even after I applied makeup. 🙂  It made applying the makeup easier too.

There are five items in the kit:

  1. The Youth as We Know It Cleanser
  2. The Youth as We Know It Toner
  3. The Youth as We Know It
  4. The Youth as We Know It Eye cream
  5. The Youth as We Know It Concentrate

I’m in love with the face cream, eye cream and concentrate.  Feels like all the benefits of a chemical peel without the ugly peel or recovery time or what I image a peel is like since I have never tried one.  But I saw the results on a family friend and it looked like a painful sunburn. Ouch. Just smooth skin like my toddler buddy’s face. Oh, yeah!  Sweet, baby cheeks!

The only product that didn’t impress me was the Cleanser. It didn’t clean the makeup off my face very well. It left most of the makeup on my face and it didn’t remove my eyeliner or mascara.  I think it would work best as a morning cleanser when you wake up with no makeup on at all.  I wouldn’t buy the cleanser for everyday use considering the price and uneven skin cleansing.

The Youth as We Know It is pricey but beauty is not cheap. I only got the sampler kit ($68.00) because I had a gift card. But it was worth it. And these were all small travel sizes.  The regular size prices are outside my current budget. Oh but some day…the full size containers will be in my bathroom cabinet.  Then I will feel baby soft cheeks and not be hugging my little pal. 😀 It will be my own skin.


  • None